agree grammar engineering environment

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agree is a concurrent parse/generation engine, a .NET implementation of the DELPH-IN joint reference formalism for natural language analysis.



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Ideastockexchange - Logical debate promoting forums and algorithms

A database that counts the number of reasons to agree and disagree with each belief in a database. Moto: "Facts are meaningless. You can use facts to prove anything that's remotely true. Facts schmacts" ~ Homer SimipsonWe should build software that facilitates online forums with the following features and format (click on a link to see further explanation). One thesis per page Reasons to agree and disagree on the same page The ability to evaluate reasons to agree and disagree The ability to subm

Ajax-study-group - An AJAX Study Group

This is a self-directed study group of people interested in learning about, or improving their AJAX skills. At present, all the members are employees of the same company, but we have agreed to keep all content non-proprietary and general. We have also agreed to share the materials and notes we create available to a wider audience. Details Introduction Agenda

Bruscar - An ant task for generating stub code from java interfaces

This task will generate a stub code from an interface. This is typically useful, if you have agreed a contract with a backend service, but the service hasn't been integrated yet. Whilst you are waiting you can run the service against the generated stub code.

Eb2 - EB2 is a Framework based on MVC pattern, The goal is developt a literal MVC implementation.

EB2 is a framework written in PHP5 which implements literally the pattern MVC , This project is divided in 3 main components that agree with components MVC, Model View Controller, which are as well folders and classes of framework.

Jgimme - jGimme - A java program used to track golfer's stats

jGimmejGimme is a java program used to track ones golf stats. Gimme: A shot that the other players agree can count automatically without actually being played (under the tacit assumption that the putt would not have been missed).

Tuggo - A PHP powered website management system.

The web's newest, simplest, and most effecient content management system allowing website owners or administrators to easily manage their website. With a sleek control panel, making a change is just a few clicks away!The TUGGO Website Management System (WMS) is released under the GNU GPL, by downloading this web application you agree to these terms.

Cen3031-monopoly - This is a work in progress...

CEN 3031 Monopoly!Note: The list of project owners has been updated! ==> Project GoalsWe'll decide that later. Soon enough we'll find some source code and start working. More Content Should Be On This Page!I agree. There will be content here soon enough.

Literate - Literate Testing framework

A framework to make automated tests more readable, to the point where they are (give or take a few dots and brackets imposed by our programming language of choice), written in plain English. This means that we can easily write automated tests that clearly test business requirements. We can also have our customers read over our test code to check that they agree with what the developers think the requirements are.

Gumnut - A decentralised communication forum to create, display and moderate proposals for the direc

gumnut is GPL free software to find the most supported proposals in large groups of people. It is a decentralised, moderated, proposal forum that may be used by groups of people to find an agreed positive direction for any decisions that affect that group. Each group may be of any size and associated by geography, common interest, or both.

Pkdotvim - A collection of dotfiles

The quest for a decent development environment usable remotely using the terminal version of vim as the editor component. This is for a +python enabled vim. No menus. Hopefully only plugins in vimL and python will be used. Contributions/wishlists for C/C++/Python/Javascript/Java/HTML/XML/Latex editing and filesystem navigation are welcome as long as I agree with them but I 'm flexible. External plugins/scripts will be included "by reference" or "by value" depending on several factors like licens