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Related Projects

Sproutcore - JavaScript Application Framework

SproutCore is a framework for building blazing-fast, desktop-like applications in the web browser using only native HTML5 features. With SproutCore, you can build rich, interactive applications in the web in less code than most simple web pages require today. SproutCore applications move business logic to the browser so they can respond to your users' taps and clicks immediately, avoiding an agonizing roundtrip across often intermittent network connections.

Groupgrading - An anonymous peer-grading application for Django

Grading assignments at a college level takes time and resources, usually in the form of teaching assistants (TA’s). Professors and TA’s cannot easily spend enough time to effectively grade assignments. Peer grading, where identities are known, can be extremely biased and unreliable: if assignments are entirely peer-graded, then grades will quickly inflate as students realize it is mutually beneficial to give high grades. We have developed a web-based system called CLAPTRAP (Classrooms Levera

Simpledj - DJ software without the agonizing pain

SimpleDJ is a DJ application for Mac OS X focused on an easy user interface. It can be left completely unattended for a while, taking over playback and cross-fading, while giving you full control when you want to. Other features include: Supports multiple audio output devices for cueing Can play every song QuickTime can play Integrates with your iTunes library, giving you access to all your music and playlists Keeps track of all songs played so far, so you can export your DJ set to a playlist


Agon is a Redis based blogging software


A KDE 4 thousand parsec client.


a points, positions and levels app for Django

agon-ratings - a ratings app for Django

a ratings app for Django


A Node.js module that provides an agonizing biz speak kind of Lorem Ipsum, Bill Lumberg style


A Go implementation of Justin.tv REST API.


A modular game library for easy and fast game development written in Go.