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Agnes is a mature javascript framework for parsing CSV.



Related Projects

Agnes Personal Application Platfrom

Agnes 是一个面向广大开发人员提供的一个平台. 包括个人开发日记, 个人任务管理, 个人开发缺陷管理等软件平台. 技术上, Agnes 是一个内核基于SharpDevelop Core 的一个插件式软件.具有很强的扩充性. 我从SharpDevelop Core中剖离了一个AddInTree和其他东西整合进Agnes.使其具有和SharpDevelop一样可插件系统.

Airgo MIMO Wireless Card Linux Driver

Airgo MIMO wireless card Linux driver. It's base on the Specs at If it success, then Linux can support the AGN100 and the AGN300. You can get the newest development status from

Jagn - A Java-Based Model for Artificial Gene Networks Generation

In a biological context, the cells can be viewed as networks of molecules connected by chemical reactions. The development of massive data collection techniques, as cDNA microarrays and RNA-Seq, allows the simultaneous verification of cell's components estate in multiples instances of time. Computational methods have been extensively used to analyze and to interpret this amount of generated data.

Igmpquery - IGMP query generator

A simple utility for generating an IGMP general query on all active IPv4 interfaces and then listening for responses. Uses the WinPcap library for raw socket access. A Windows binary executable is available for download as well as the C source code. Example console output: IGMPv2 query generator V1.2 Project web site: Requires WinPcap\\Device\\NPF_{xxxx} Description: Intel(R) WiFi Link 5300 AGN (Microsoft's Packet Scheduler) Address Family: #2 Address Family N

Kamila-various-stuff - Various small projects I work(ed) on

Various small projects I work on. Sorry, some of the stuff here is either long-forgotten (i.e. does not compile/work) or terribly out-of-date. I am hoping to update things some day. The following is supposed to be in a working state: gravity_sim: a simple simulation of a planetary system; uses Allegro for graphics (but could be easily ported to use something else) sierpinski: drawing the Sierpinski Triangle using the Chaos Game algorithm apertium-gci: a shell script that generates reports on Ape

Agngui - RIT AGN polarization simulator interface

Software to assist in the RIT physics departmen research effort to describe the polarization of light scattered by active galactic nuclei.

Awcsre - Airgo agnX00 Wireless Chipset Specs reverse engineer

A reverse engineer project for Airgo agx00 (ag100&ag300) true MIMO wireless chipset, it will try to investigate the hardware detail of this chipset, and aimed at it can be fully support by Linux kernel. Claim This project is inherit from the previous Airgo wifi chipset reverse engineer project founder by Jeff Willam. Website which can't be accessed at this moment. This project mainly focus on the RF part of these card, and try to figure out the RF calibrate