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A tool to generate simple HTML/text documentation from JUnit test class names and method names. Available as a standalone application and as a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 4.x and later. Please note: The plugin can be downloaded from the IDEA plugin manager.



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Agiledox-rake - rake 'Transform Tests into Documentation'

GoalAgiledox is a simple rake script, to transform your tests/specs into documentation. There are to many versions and hacks of the original agiledox task out there, so i grabbed them all, added sugar+refactoring+rspec and put them into one task. Contributers welcome! InstallDrop into lib/tasks. OutputA User: - should not be valid without login - should not be valid without email...A Users Controller's: 'new' action: - should succeed 'edit' action: - should succeed...A /users/edit: - sould show

Troy - Troy is a small reporting tool for NUnit tests in C#

Inspired from agiledox ( I wrote this little program for C# and Nunit-users. The output of Troy itself looks like this. Assembly: ConeFabric.Troy.Tests.dll0 Exceptions were found.[ModelTests] 1. Model shall be able to load assembly 2. Model can find methods 3. Model can find methods on attributes 4. Model can write names into sentances 5. Model acceptance 6. Model can write excptions 7. Model should separates methods on typeAnd can be generated through: #/>go dox