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Agile2D is a framework that provides a nearly complete implementation of Java2D built using the industry standard OpenGL API.



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Shortsword - Agile Javascript 2D Game Engine

An open source javascript 2D game engine for webgames designed to be agile and efficient. More explanation and features will be release later. I'm justing testing this repository, so it will take a long time to submit any version. Contact: davidrodriguespinheiro at gmail dot com

Pyagilent54622d - A Python Driver for the Agilent 54622D Oscilloscope

A python module that realizes the RS-232 interface of the Agilent 54622D Mixed Signal Digital Storage Oscilloscope in a clean, pythonic fashion that is easy and convenient to use. Here's an example: import agilentscope = agilent.Scope(port="COM1", baudRate=57600)for channel in (scope.a1, scope.a2): print "Channel %s: min=%f max=%f avg=%f" % (channel.label, channel.min, channel.max, channel.average)scope.d0.label = 'SDA'scope.d1.label = 'SCL't, sda = scope.d0.get_data()t, scl = scope.d1.get_data(

Cyclec - projets et exemples dans le cadre du cycle C informatique ISAE Cnam Liban

projets et exemples du cours et des sessions dans le cadre du cycle C (valeur C2) du département informatique à l'ISAE Cnam Liban. Ce projet est un projet chapeau d'un ensemble d'autres projets. Cours informatique Liban Choisir ou proposer une idée de projetVous pouvez faire les propositions ou poser vos question dans la zone commentaire de l'article Proposition et choix de projets

Eecs395-3dproj - Project 2 (3D project) for Ian's EECS395

Final release is up! Alpha is up and running! You might note: this game is ideally played with 2+ players. Unless you want to play both (or more) players and kick your own ass. As you may have noticed, our code isn't on this site. If you want to see our code, please go here:

Beat-the-bard - 2-D Online Cooperative Hack n' Slash/RPG

Under development as a Senior Computer Science Project for Salisbury University, Software Engineering I. This project is an exercise in Agile Software Development and a culmination of four years of study. Currently, members meet immediately after class on Tuesday and Thursday. Extra meetings will be scheduled as needed. To see the current meeting schedule, click here. Project StatementOur goal is to create a fully networked, cooperative RPG experience. We hope to have: Fast, match-based gameplay

Expressoalpha - Módulo de Gerência de Projetos �geis integrado ao Groupware Expressolivre

Módulo de Gerência de Projetos �geisSystem of project management based on agile methods integrated with the collaborative system Expresso Livre. All developers of Expresso or other projects will have at its disposal a management module projects based on agile methods. Sistema de gerenciamento de projetos com base em métodos ágeis integrado com o colaborativo sistema Expresso Livre. Todos os desenvolvedores do Expresso ou de outros projetos terão à sua disposição um módulo de gerencia d

Siputils - SipUtils is a helper , for agile accessing the api @ AliSoft SIP(Services Integration Pla

SipUtils is a helper , for agile accessing the api @ AliSoft SIP(Services Integration Platform) SipUtils 是一个访问阿里软件SIP平�(�务集�平�)的Ruby第三方库,�以通过它�常方便���的使用SIP平�所开放的接�。 目�该Gem处于公测阶段,有问题请�系我。 ------CharlesCui@Alisoft [] [] 安装方法: 现在Downloads页下载SipUtils的Gem文件, 下载�进入该文件所在

Javascript-on-rails - Javascript On Rails like Ruby On Rails

中文��Jquery 或是 Dojo 针对于DOM 进行�装,Javascript On Rails 是对javascript 语言进行�次�装,类似于ruby,让javascript更加��和��对象。并且结�Jquery 和 图表Flot,组�为强大的客户�端Lib,code for fun :)ENDon't like Jquery or Dojo aim at encapsulating DOMJavascript On Rails encapsulate javascript language,like ruby,Let more agile and javascript object oriented.ReadMeAuthor: Liuzheng contact: 第三方库:Q

Ndddsample - C# Domain-Driven Design sample application

Domain-Driven Design(DDD) is a complex and broad topic which is full of patterns and practices that are very well described in Eric Evan’s book. However even if you read it and understand all described there very well(i'd say which is not an easy task), the book could leave a lot of unanswered questions from practical perspective (e.g. how those things work in practice). This is because the book is technology - agnostic. That can’t happen for advanced developers with strong background. For m

Minecarts-and-geysers - A Chutes and Ladders clone and remake

A 2-D chutes and ladders clone that changes up the rules and places it all underground in a zany mining adventure.