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Agent-See Allows you to publish your property details to the web, email listings and manage a newsletter. Includes easy Web based config, encrypted user passwords, improved formatting and templates, W3C Privacy statements and customer feedback pages.



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Amine is a Multi-Layer Java Open Source Platform dedicated to the development of various kinds of Intelligent Systems (Knowledge-Based, Ontology-Based, Conceptual Graph Based, NLP, etc.) and Intelligent Agents. See: //

Jmx-sflow-agent - sFlow export of java performance metrics

The SFlowAgent class can be attached to existing applications using the java -javaagent command line argument. The SFlowAgent periodically exports JMX performance metrics to a central sFlow analyzer. The java SFlowAgent is designed to work with the Host sFlow agent (which exports performance statistics from the host), sharing configuration settings. For more information, see:

Mobile-agent - Its peace of code which travels trough the network from host to host, it checks the s

Mobile agent is a peace of code that works as a agent for the user and travels host to host saving its status using serialization. It checks the e commerce offers and choose the best offers. Mobile agent returns these offers to the user when the user log in and see his mobile agent. Mobile agents are the future of the e commerce. Its requirement can be understood by the following example. Ramesh is a sales executive and he travels several places and could not stay online all the time. He comes o


Tool for monitoring Sybase products (ASE, RS, IQ, RAO) Supported versions : ASE : from to 15.7 RS : from 12.6 to 15.7 IQ : from 12.6 to 15.4 RAO : from 12.5 to 15.5 Two components : - asemon_logger : the java agent which collects indicators and archive them in a database - asemon_report : the web client, written in PHP, used to query the indicator's database (use quot;Filesquot; menu to download this component) See :

Desktopagent - A Java-based agent monitoring tool

The Desktop Agent is a concept that is by far not original, but I haven't seen many good free implementations written in Java, so this is my attempt. Basically, the idea is to create something that allows you to create sub-agents or bots that collect information for you. You can make the agent persist on the desktop or hide somewhere, and you can customize it in many ways. The Desktop Agent will act as a sort of framework used to create these sub-agents and will control them and launch them. For

Mysquad - mobile coordination, command, and dispatch software (rails-based)

people report problems, wishes, and visions they have, along with their location via twitter, IM, and text message. web users can see these issues and dispatch instructions (again via twitter/im/txt) to local agents to resolve them. agents involved in resolutions which create positive experiences get 'posex' points, and agents can choose to affiliate in teams and attempt to amass the most points.

Javacoveragent - Java code coverage tool.

Java agent for calculating code coverage (methods and lines). Easy to enable, small performance loose, various output format. How does it work:Attache jar file as JVM agent. Specify property file for it. Start up your application with coverage agent. Run different tests with your application or use it normally Shutdown application. See for coverage report in logs, console, report file or where you specified report To do for us:Create distributive of this application. Create simple manual Add dif

Cos-sim - COS.SIM Agent Based Traffic MicroSimulation

What is COS.SIM?COS.SIM is an open source complex system for agent-based traffic flows microsimulation COS.SIM consists of four main components: Road Editor Simulation Engine Visualization Engine Meters Engine COS.SIM was verified and validated according to standards and procedures of Japan Society of Traffic Engineers. Results of validation are similar to results of well known commercial microsimulation software packages. To drill down and explore the system in details please see JAVADOCs. COS.

Jrle - Java Reinforcement Learning Examples

This is a set of Java classes that demonstrate reinforcement learning algorithms. They were developed in 2004 while studying Reinforcement Learning for application with Intelligent Agents. For more information on this see my thesis "Reasoning and Learning for Intelligent Agents". These example classes simply follow the exercises as described in the book "Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction" by Sutton and Barto. An online version of this book can be found here:

Fundboss - Market model

fundboss models asset cash flows randomly over time - agents trade to establish market prices. Traders use that information, as well as historical prices, their available capital, etc, to make trading decisions. It means that we can apply ideas about behaviour to the model to see what happens! Play with a rough applet test harness here