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Agal is a themable web photo album that supports transparent rollover buttons.



Related Projects

Easy-agal - EasyAGAL - An easier way to write AGAL

EasyAGAL is an open source ActionScript library that assists developers in writing AGAL ("Adobe Graphics Assembly Language") by providing an AS3-based pseudo-AGAL command set. The resulting advantages include: Code completion and hinting More easy-to-read code Macros organized into libraries Dynamic code customization EasyAGAL provides training wheels to learning AGAL. All methods of EasyAGAL maintain the same parameters, in the same order, as AGAL opcodes; They are all documented with ASDoc tag

Glfm - GLSL ES Compiler for Flash Player "molehill" APIs

OverviewThis is a compiler for a language based on OpenGL ES Shading Language and some associated codebase. The goal is to provide high-level features for coding shaders in FP11 while avoiding direct contact with AGAL, the assembly it compiles into. It should match the specs when possible, but some deviations are expected. Current statusA working prototype is still in development. As soon as that's done, it will be uploaded here and I'll expand the project description and documentation. What's d

Pinata-3d - Voxelicious Flash 11 Molehill 3D game engine featuring candy on the inside!

A 3D voxel engine for upcoming Flash 11 "Molehill" platform. Written in pure AS3 by Sos and McFunkypants, this free game engine features massive polygon crunching power, low-fi retro styled pixel-art graphics, delicious frilly bits... plus CANDY ON THE INSIDE! Project Goals: image-based geometry creation using axis-projection simplistic engine structure: no hierarchical scene graph blazingly fast FPS due to simple AGAL shaders one million polygon scenes at 60fps keyboard and mouse input function

Red2d-agal2d - Molehill 2D 렌�� - GPU accelerated 2D framework

GPU accelerated 2D framework 'Molehill'Red2DPlus V1.1.0ì�´ 공개ë�˜ì—ˆìŠµë‹ˆë‹¤. (need Air 3.2 sdk, flash 4.6 sdk) About flash player 11.3 변경사항ì—� 대하여 11.3 터치ì�´ë²¤íŠ¸ APIê°€ 변경ë�˜ì—ˆìŠµë‹ˆë‹¤. 파ì�¼ê´€ë ¨í•´ì„œ 11.3버전ì�„ 설치 하실경우 ì—�러들ì�´ 쭉뜨는ë�°ìš©.. 파ì�¼ë¶€ë¶„ì—�ì„œ $event.commandKey, $event.controlKey, $event.timestamp, $event.touchIntent, null, $event.isTouchPointCanceled 부분ì�„ ì‚

agal - my agal learning project

my agal learning project


simple wrapper to glsl2agal project to generatre a swf usable by NME for converting glsl to agal at runtime

agalthemean - Real time AGAL shader editor based on Minimole.

Real time AGAL shader editor based on Minimole.

Instagal - Blazing fast and easy to use Agal assembler

Blazing fast and easy to use Agal assembler


EasyAGAL is an open source ActionScript library that simplifies coding assembly language shaders. Advantages include: Code completion and hinting, easier-to-read code, macro libraries -- including trigonometry functions like atan2(), color blending formulas from Photoshop, and more -- ready to use in your own shaders.