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AGAI is a Skirmish AI for the spring game engine



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Stabilizer Bug Tracking System

The Stabilizer bug tracking system aims to quickly stabilize buggy GUI applications. Namely, users collaboratively and quickly stabilize a buggy GUI application by reporting any bugs that they encounter to prevent anyone from encountering those bugs agai

Blahut - Blahut algorithm for estimating channel capacity using Gnu Scientific Library (GSL)

Project MainpageThe project main page is at DescriptionBlahut algorithm is an iterative computational way to estimate the channel capacity and the rate distortion. This implemetation of the Blahut algorithm uses the Gnu Scientific Library (GSL), mostly for the vector/matrix manipulations. UsageThis software is provided as a library. If gsl is properly installed, simply type make in the source directory will build the blahut.o, which can be linked agai

Xbmc-xbox-addons - Addon scripts, plugins, and skins for XBOX XBMC Media Center

Addon scripts, plugins, and skins for XBMC Media Center. THIS IS A REPOSITORY FOR ALL OPEN SOURCE SCRIPTS, PLUGINS, AND SKINS FOR XBOX XBMC There is xbox compatible addons from xbmc-addons Skins and plugins could be slightly modded for xbox (like texture.xpr changes or mixed from different versions. So authors not support any plugins or skins, what you download from xbmc-xbox-addons. If you found problem, download original file from xbmc-addons and test agai

demo_app - hartl tutorial agai

hartl tutorial agai