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AfterStep is a window manager for the Unix X Window System. Originally based on the look and feel of the NeXTStep interface, it has evolved into its own creature with interest expressed by GNUstep, to make AfterStep the window manager of choice for X



Related Projects


VFolders Menu Generator. Generates window manager menu (icewm, blackbox, fluxbox, window maker, xfce4, aewm, afterstep, fvwm2, olvwm, qvwm, enlightenment, xpde, fbpanel, openbox) from desktop files conforming the (XDG) menu specification. is a simple and attractive audio volume control program in the dockapp form factor, intended for use with X window managers such as Window Maker, Blackbox, and Afterstep.

4-in-a-row AfterStep applet

This is an implementation of the 4-in-a-row game. You can play vs a human player (via net yet:), or against an AI player. In the few moments in which you don't play you can load one of its cool plugin;) (clock, cpu/mem/swap monitor, mailchk etc.)

Pywo - Python Window Organizer

PyWO - Python Window OrganizerIntroductionPyWO allows you to easily organize windows on the desktop using keyboard shortcuts. It's inspired by Quicktile, Compiz plugins: Grid, Put, and Maximumize. Features:Move window in any direction and snap it to other windows' edges Resize (expand or shrink) window in any direction Place window in predefined places on the desktop Use grid-like layout (place window and cycle predefined sizes) Switch windows' positions Highly customizable Watch PyWO in action


Asmail is a quot;mail-checkerquot; like xbiff, but with the Afterstep look amp; feel. It indicates the status of your mailbox but it does not download, view, send or delete any mail messages.

AfterStep X terminal emulator

aterm is the X Terminal Emulator. Originated from rxvt 2.4.8 it strives to provide user with complete control over its look. Features include fast transparency with shading and tinting, NeXTish scrollbar, fading when unfocused and more.

AfterStep - AfterStep Window Manager

AfterStep Window Manager

asmix - AfterStep sound mixer volume control

AfterStep sound mixer volume control

AfterStep10 - Old version of AfterStep Window Manager (NeXTalike)

Old version of AfterStep Window Manager (NeXTalike)

AfterStep-APPS - Applets you can use with AfterStep and compatible window managers

Applets you can use with AfterStep and compatible window managers