Aftershock Gopher Server

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Aftershock is an open source Gopher server, developed using Java 1.4. It features configurability, security, performance, and cross-platform support.



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Aftershock-engine - Engine for the AfterShock game(oaUnofficial)

The engine code for the AfterShock game, for more information about AfterShock visit our page at

Aftershock-tools - Tools to work with Aftershock online games

The various games produced by Aftershock have led to community-driven development efforts. This is a project collecting such efforts in one place.

Oaunofficial - aftershock

This project aims to enhance openarena with competitive features that will never find a way into normal openarena. First AfterShock(oaUnofficial) will be a mod for openarena, the goal is to make it standalone. For more information join the #aftershock channel in quakenet

Cs491project2 - Shaking through-A visualization of global earthquake data.

CS 491 Project 2By Qin Li,Brad McGinnis, Kusuma Bapure Introduction:This project is an interactive visualization showing the pattern of earthquakes of last forty years. The data visualized here comprises roughly half million worldwide earthquake occurrences ranging from 01/01/10973 to 09/23/2010. The source of the data provided is U.S. Geological Survey and contained information of the date,time of earthquake occurrences, as well as the location, magnitude and depth of earthquakes across the wor

aftershock - The best iphone app ever!

The best iphone app ever!