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A/52 audio encoder. Creates stereo and multi-channel audio streams.



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Mkv2m2ts - Remux Matroska MKV containers into M2TS containers

Introductionmkv2m2ts is a Python script to remux(convert) Matroska mkv video containers to m2ts containers, making the resulting video file playable on the PS3 via MediaTomb or by copying the file directly to the PS3 Toolsmkv2m2ts uses the following tools. Python mkvtoolnix mkvinfo mkvmerge mkvextract tsMuxeR dcadec aften MP4Box


HCbatchGUI is a batch processing front end for HCenc, DGpulldown, amp; Aften. It will allow the user to save ini files for use in batch encoding and start the batch process for you. A linux GTK version has been added.

Bd2mp4 - Converts Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs to MP4s

DescriptionThis program uses MakeMKV, ffmpeg, neroAacEnc, Aften, and MP4Box to put together high quality audio/video in an MP4 container from a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD disc so that it can be played on various devices. SupportIf you like what you see and would like to support it, then you can donate! :) MakeMKVThe KEY component to this script is MakeMKV. It handles all the decryption and saving of the Blu-ray and HD-DVD files. You you can download it from their website using the link below. You get a f

Alsophila - Experimental AC-3 Encoder

Alsophila is basically a stripped-down version of the Aften AC-3 encoder. Multi-threading and SIMD speed-ups have been taken out in favor of a cleaner code base with which to add experimental encoding features.

Anymkv2mp4 - Converts mkv files to MP4

PurposeThe goal of this project is to easily be able to take mkv files made by MakeMKV from HD-DVD/Blu-ray discs and convert them to a format that is both high quality in video and audio and compatible with devices such as Xbox 360, PS3, and others as development continues. SupportIf you like what you see and would like to support it, then you can donate! :) FeaturesExtremely Easy to use! Only ONE required option to run: input mkv file Uses advanced x264 encoding options to get optimal video at

Yetanothermkv2mp4 - A working bash script that can convert most mkv movies to mp4 for PS3 and Xbox36

Mission Statementyetanothermkv2mp4 script is based on anymkv2mp4 and many other mkv2mp4 bash scripts. The idea is to be able to convert ANY and all mkv files to mp4 (i.e. a batch process). Most scripts fail to do this. I have heavily modified this script from anymkv2mp4 and others to handle most audio codecs without failure. Moreover, this script determines what track # the audio and video are so that MP4Box can, without error, remux the extracted mkv audio and video files to mp4 format. On anot

FFmpeg-ac3enc - Port of Aften AC-3 Encoder to FFmpeg

Port of Aften AC-3 Encoder to FFmpeg

aften - A/52 audio encoder

A/52 audio encoder