AFT - Anteater: Ant Functional Testing

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Anteater is an Ant-based functional testing framework for Web applications and Web services.



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Dandy - The Dandy Wiki Language

It's named Dandy because I wanted to call it yawl - yet another wiki language. However that's being used by yet another workflow language. As it so happens, yawl is a real word meaning "a sailing vessel with two masts; a small mizzen is aft of the rudderpost". Dandy is a synonym. This works out since I think Dandy sounds better than yawl. I'm doing this largely because I wanted to embed code in my blog and there wasn't any good way to do it. There also doesn't seem to be any markup languages goo

Add-column-after - Add AFTER col_name to Rails MysqlAdapter

add_column_after PluginCurrently MySQL Only Allows specification of :after to add_column and change column in accordance with Examples: add_column :table_name, :column_name, :type, :after => 'other_column_name' change_column :table_name, :column_name, :type, :after => 'other_column_name' Install: ./script/plugin install \t Project Site:

Jquery-timeout - jQuery.Deferred wrapper for the native JavaScript setTimeout/clearTimeout functions

jQuery 1.5 introduced the Deferred callback management system, to ease handling callbacks for asynchronous events. Although the jQuery documentation contains examples on how to use Deferred objects with the native window.setTimeout and window.clearTimeout functions, jQuery does not provide a simple interface for timer-based Deferreds by its own. This plugin provides a single function jQuery.timeout that, given a delay in milliseconds, creates a jQuery.Deferred instance that will be resolved afte

Jgauge - jGauge is a dial gauge that is simple, powerful, and 100% javascript and css.

jGauge is a 100% JavaScript dial gauge I created to be a free, lightweight, and powerful alternative to Flash-based gauges. It can be used on web based dashboards like a speedometer / fuel gauge. Update - 20110511All future development of jGauge is now hosted on GitHub! Check out the early release of version 0.4.0 on GitHub. jGauge 0.3.0 Alpha 3 released! This is a very early release! I've only tested it on the most popular and recent browsers. Compatibility is something I will be addressing aft

Msoe-automated-foosball-table - MSOE 2005 Senior Design Project: The Automated Foosball Table

The Automated Foosball Project (AFT) is a senior design project for the Milwaukee School of Engineering with the goal of automating a normal foosball. Once automated the foosball table will be able to play against a human. A computer would control the one side of the table and be able to play against any number of human opponents. The AFT project will use a series of motors attached to the computer side of the table to facilitate player movement. A variety of sensors will provide feedback to the

Pipe-notification - A pidgin plugin which writes your current status in a pipe

This plugin writes your current status in a pipe. The aim of this project is to make it easier to include the pidgin status in bars like dzen2. Scripts for dzen2 are also provided. Critics and comments are appreciated. Latest tested pidgin version2.5.0 ScriptsYou can find these scripts in the pipe-notification-#.#-complete packages. pidgin_circle.shA sample script for dzen-bar. It shows your current status as a colored circle. Changelog0.3Pidgin statuses are implemented and will be also set afte

Afts - Under developping

Under developping

fore-and-aft - Fore and Aft puzzle solver written in Haskell

Fore and Aft puzzle solver written in Haskell

JMyCrAftAPI - [INACTIVE] A pure Java implementation to access the MyCrAft-API

[INACTIVE] A pure Java implementation to access the MyCrAft-API