Archive of Formal Proofs

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The Archive of Formal Proofs is a collection of proof libraries, examples, and larger scientifc developments, mechanically checked in the theorem prover Isabelle. It is organized in the way of a scientific journal. Submissions are refereed.



Related Projects


Netatalk is a freely-available Open Source AFP fileserver. A *NIX/*BSD system running Netatalk is capable of serving many Macintosh clients simultaneously as an AppleShare file server (AFP).


afpfs-ng is an Apple Filing Protocol client that will allow BSD, Linux and Mac OS X systems to access files exported from a Mac OS system with AFP over TCP.


afpfs-ng is an Apple Filing Protocol client that will allow BSD, Linux and Mac OS X systems to access files exported from a Mac OS system with AFP over TCP.

Volumemounter - Mount Server Volumes on OSX and Windows with Java easily

Last Update: 20.07.2010 - Rev: 1.0 This Java Class, provids an simple interface to mount afp and smb volumes on OSX and Windows. Mounting smb (samba) and afp (AppleFileProtocol) volumes of a server with Java-code isn't complicated, but a bit tricky. This class provides a simple method to mount volumes on OSX at the moment. We hope to find someone, who can do the implementation for Windows. Example to use the VolumeMounter Class: \t\tnew VolumeMounter().mount("afp:/Lastname, Firstname:Password@fi

Go-fightclub - the first rule of fightclub is that we need a flashy logo

ArchitectureFormat:linear raw PCM audio Referencing installed filters:git style, e.g. "afp reverb", "afp delay" possibly JSON config file mapping filter names to executables? Headers:define very simple v1 header, with "extra_data" pointer & "total_header_size" int all v1-compliant filters will simply pass the entire header data through newer filters complying with the hypothetical v2 header will be able to use them in cooperation w/ older filters & while still taking advantage of v2 features

Altfontprev - A JavaScript bookmarklet for previewing any site with alternative fonts.

AboutAltFontPrev is a JavaScript bookmarklet that allows you to preview how any website would look if a particular font was not available or a different font chosen. Each font used to style elements on the page is listed under its selector and, when clicked, is moved from being a fall-back to being the primary font. As well as choosing a font from the existing CSS declarations, you can type a custom font to override everything. Hopefully this will help you choose alternative fonts when perfectin

Atv2xml - Perl TV/Movie Scraper for ATVFiles (Apple TV) and XBMC

atv2xmlThis project is a Perl-based TV & Movie scraper designed to create XML Metadata files used by ATVFiles. Initial support has been added to support the output of XBMC .nfo files as well. Please let me know if you would like to contribute changes or help with this project. RequirementsA jailbroken Apple TV (see atvusb-creator to do this and make sure you also install Software Menu). Use Software Menu to install NitoTV and ATVFiles. Run NitoTV Smart Installer to provide the ability to mount S


Jaffer is a Java implementation of an Appletalk File Server over TCP. Jaffer is concerned with the latest AFP specifications and supporting OS X and OS 9 clients. It is mainly focused on a tight, clean, fast codebase that is very portable and embeddable