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Affix - The most powerfull Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux. Affix offers support for wide range of Bluetooth devices of PCMCIA, USB and serial type. Includes powerfull command line utilites, OBEX support, personal access point and SDP server.



Related Projects

Hunspell/Aspell for Ukrainian

Dictionary and affix files for the aspell, myspell, hunspell and ispell programs for Ukrainian language. Словники для перевірки правопису української мови за допомогою aspell, myspell, hunspell

Text-processing-and-analysis-tool-for-turkish - A Text Processing and Analysis Tool for Turkish

The analysis of Turkish texts is significant in Turkish language, literature and a wide spectrum of areas. It is a complicated task to count language structures in the texts manually. By the way, a computer application that processes and analyzes Turkish text documents or document sets (corpus) is beneficial. In this study, the text processing and analyzing tool is developed to analyze the texts and computes various phonetic, syllable, affix, stem, word, sentence frequencies. The text processing

Dhifix - Simplifiy creation and editing of Dhivehi (dv_MV) dictionary and affix files for Hunspell

What is DhiFix?DhiFix is a program aimed at simplifying the creation and editing of Dhivehi dictionary and affix files for Hunspell. FeaturesAdd/Remove words. Add/Remove affixed forms of words. Removes the affix flag for the word and not the affix rule. Automatically add affix rules based on affixed forms of words suggested by user. Suggest affixed forms for a word based on existing affix rules. DhiFix also provides a dictionary file dv_MV.dic consisting of 31760 words. Pre-requisitesGTK+ Screen


Affix and dictionary files for use with ispell in the Finnish language.

Dataparksearch - An open source search engine for Internet and Intranet sites

Key features: Support for http, https, ftp, nntp and news URL schemes. htdb virtual URL scheme for indexing SQL databases. Indexes text/html, text/xml, text/plain, audio/mpeg (MP3) and image/gif mime types natively. External parsers support for other document types, including Microsoft Word, Excel, RTF, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat PDF and Flash. Can index multilingual sites using content negotiation. Searching all of the word forms using ispell affixes and dictionaries. Synonym, acronym and abbrev

Tr-spell - Project for generating Hunspell compatible turkish spell checker packages

IntroductionProject for generating Hunspell compatible turkish spell checker packages (eg. Firefox spell checker). Same dictionary is used by Chrome after some modifications. For a brief explanation how Firefox extension is produced check below link (Turkish O_o) Please note that this project and extensions are NOT using zemberek project (a java library for simple Turkish morphological parsing) and algorithms. i

Puukusoft-pyrc - A highly extensible, very developer-friendly IRC client framework written in Python

PyRC was, and is, Puukusoft's first Python-based project, initially undertaken as a means of learning the language back during the dark 1.x days. PyRC is developed exclusively against Debian-based GNU/Linux systems, although, by the time 1.0 is released, it should support whatever operating systems still exist. OverviewSince its inception, PyRC has been a project that has been very slow to evolve. It is prone to long periods of "going nowhere" while receiving extensive amounts of work. This para

Timecalc2 - Time Calculator

Allows a user to calculate a simple timespan. Problem: I record the start and finish times for a job in my calendar. However, my calendar does not tell me how long a calendar item is. If my job starts at 8pm and ends at 3:30am, then I have to work out in my head how long this is - at 3:30am this is not what I want to do. Solution: A very simple application which allows you to calculate the timespan between a start time and end time from common lexical representations of 12-hour and 24-hour time