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AFAR (AgentFactory Augmented Reality) is a NetBeans module for developing intentional agent based Augmented Reality (AR) applications. AFAR deploys AgentFactory agents.



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Remotekontrol - A script to control Amarok by common keyboard keys

DescriptionThis project allows you to control Amarok (in the future more programs will be added/supported) by common keyboard keys. This is useful when you have a remote control, like those for presentations. Usually those remote controls just emulate a pre-set key(s) and there is no way to change it. So instead of changing the remote control, I created a program that will wait for that key and execute an specific command. Right now the script works with the "GigaWare UltraSlim wireless presenta

Feather-cm - Bring some content management to Feather for PHP

The goal of Feather for Content Management is, obviously, to bring some content management mechanisms to Feather for PHP's framework. For example to provide standard ways to address tags and discussions (comments and trackbacks) to anything. It also brings a complete framework for members, groups and ACL management.It's afar from complete, but it's already working nicely.

Mystarlight - my dream

So many times I asked myself What for I was born into this world and grew up And why the clouds float and rains pour You shouldn't expect anything for yourself in this world I would fly up to the clouds but I have no wings That starlight lures me from afar But it's hard to reach the star though the goal is close at hand And I don't know if I 'll have enough strength for the throw I'll wait just a little bit more And then will get ready for my journey Towards the Dream and Hope Oh my star, please

Cx380afar - CX-380 admin fracture and resync scripts

These are automation scripts to create batchfiles that admin fracture and resync you mirrors. Its written for the Dell EMC Clariion CX-380 SAN. These scripts will use NaviCLI to read out all you mirrored LUNs and then generate scripts that you can use to administratively fracture and resync all your LUNs in case of maintenance etc. For now the script assumes all secondary images are on another CX.