AEM - Linux Asynchronous Event Mechanism

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AEM implements a native support for asynchronous events in the Linux kernel. Its aim is to bring carrier-grade characteristics to Linux: scalability and soft real-time responsiveness.



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aeMechanic is toolbox of useful code and snippets for working on App Engine projects Use the svn checkout to download aeMechanic, the featured download isn't up to date with the current revisions in the repository. New Additionsaem_datetime - makes datetime conversions from UTC to user specified tz, designed to be lighter weight than pytz and is optimized for displaying datetime from UTC input. Patches for additional time zones are welcome. See AemDateTimeUsage for more information If a TimeZone

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Contains AEM Forms useful utilities and samples

OpenInv - This is a fork of OpenInv, designed for AEM

This is a fork of OpenInv, designed for AEM