adx - addressbook.xml

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Minimalistic but massively web enabled address book running completely in browser. Supported: Online accounts, phone calls, Microformats (hCard,XFN), instant messengers, etc. How it works: addressbook.XML + XSLT = HTML in your web browser. No server!



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TA-Lib : Technical Analysis Library

Technical analysis library with indicators like ADX, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, TRIX... This is not an end-user GUI trading or charting application. It is instead targeted to application developers using either Excel, .NET, Mono, Java, Perl, Python or C/C++.

Currency Trading Simulator

Currency Trading Simulator, implemented as an ASP.Net 2.0 website, using the Picasso Framework. Implements Wilder, ADX, ATR, DI,etc, and uses them to make long/short calls based on the current tuning parameters.

Quicksma - QuickSMA 1.0 is an extension for Open Office Clac which is useful in analyzing stock mark

QuickSMA - IntroductionQuickSMA 1.0 is an extension for Open Office Clac which is useful in analyzing stock market data. This is an initial version which includes some important features like, Seven important Technical Analysis Indicators like MACD, RSI, Aroon Oscillator, Stochastic, OBV, ADX and Simple moving average Generates charts for each calculated Technical Analysis Indicators for more accurate analysis Option Pricing Tool using Binomial Black, Black Scholes and Merton model I opted to do

Image2css - Convert images (png, gif, jpg) to Data URI CSS classes

Image2CSS-Converter has moved to github.comnew location The purpose of Image2CSS-Converter is to stream-line the process of generating data URI for use in CSS files. There are several online tools that allow you to upload images and receive a screen full of Base64 text. This tool allows you to batch script the process on your own machine. Features: Command line interface for Linux or Windows Generate CSS file containing Data URI CSS classes Convert single file or entire directories of images to

Kspnew - KSP audio player

KSP is music player for Windows and Linux. At the moment KSP provides functionality like however KSP is constantly developed and ne features are added with each new release: Media Library support MP3, WMA and OGG support (read below full list of supported formats) M3U and PLS playlists support Plugins support Bookmarks support Icecast/shoutcast support and more... KSP requires 16 MB of HDD and can be installed on Windows XP or newer. KSP also supports Linux based systems (see download section) A

Ardupilot-mega - Official ArduPlane repository

ArduPlane is the Arduino-compatible open source software used by the ArduPilot Mega (APM) autopilot to control fixed-wing aircraft. ArduPlane provides an entire UAV control system with sciptable missions, 3D waypoints, in-flight uploading of commands and powerful ground station software. Features include: Return to Launch with a flick of your RC toggle switch or a mouse click in the graphical Ground Station Unlimited 3D GPS waypoints Auto takeoff and landing Full datalogging on the ground and in

Stencil2word - Command-line utility for image resizing and splitting

With stencil2word you can resize images, split them in several parts, convert from one format to another, export to a MS Word document and much more. Thanks to the command-line interface and wildcard support it is easy to process multiple files simultaneously. Program name corresponds to the initial purpose - printing out large stencils (kind of graffiti art) using A4 paper and .doc format. How to UseFor example, we have an image "my_stencil.gif" with the size of 800x600. We want to increase it



kpiadx.kpi - CRI ADX decoder plugin for KbMedia Player

CRI ADX decoder plugin for KbMedia Player's one day html5 course written in Clojure using Noir. (nothing ground breaking)