Advent Framework

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Advent framework is a modularized PHP 5 framework.



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Advent, Advent calendar for Palm OS

Advent is an Advent calendar for the Palm Computing Platform.


A cross-platform, multimedia interpreter for TADS adventure games.

Nicolas-jobeet - tutorial symfony

Jobeet is the new symfony advent calendar for symfony 1.2. It is a set of 24 tutorials, published day-by-day between December 1st and Christmas. That's right, every day a new tutorial will be published. Each tutorial is meant to last one hour, and will be the occasion to see the ongoing development of a web 2.0 application with symfony, from A to Z.

Parameter-type-taglet - Javadoc taglet to print type name of a named method parameter of a generic c

The Javadoc tool allows programmers to create HTML documentation from comments in java programs. With the advent of generics, it is possible to define type parameters (type variables) of classes and interfaces. It is possible to assign concrete types to these type variables to derive more specific classes or interfaces. However, the javadoc comments cannot contain the type name of the concrete types assigned to the type variables in a generic way. The parameter-type-taglet aims to bridge this ga

Altcanvas - SVG based GUI framework

InkfaceAltcanvas is a project for developing a new and more intuitive GUI framework for handheld devices. A key difference between handheld devices and desktop is the absence of keyboard. With the advent of touchscreen interfaces, the application GUI on handhelds need to be designed in a different paradigm. They should look more like natural objects rather than rectangular windows with titlebars. The altcanvas project develops a GUI framework named "inkface" that enabled composing SVG based GUI.

Cs6300-winterbreak - CS6300 Project 5 - Team "Winter Break"

Information retrieval is a traditional application for computers that has become even more prominent with the advent of the World Wide Web. The process of retrieving content from a text corpus (collection of text files) is normally managed by analyzing the text files to produce an index, and then having a separate query engine that uses the index to retrieve the desired text from its source files. For Project 5, queries will retrieve documents instead of lines. Hence, the structure of the index

Mod-v8js - Apache module for SSJS with the V8 JavaScript Engine

Welcome to mod_V8JSJavaScript has been the defacto client-side scripting language for over 15 years. With the advent of increasingly high-performance engines, such as V8 and TraceMonkey, JavaScript has become an attractive and viable alternative for serious, server-side scripting. In keeping with V8's mantra of lean, mean performance, mod_V8JS aims to add a small, lightning fast scripting language to your server-side arsenal. Not convinced? Have a look at WhyJavaScript. Otherwise see the QuickSt

Barlowm-libs - A series of Javascript libraries which I've coded to help with various projects/p

Over the years, I (like so many other web programmers) have developed a series of javascript functions which I end up having to "re-create" more often than not, because I constantly forget where I put the original source code for the libraries, or the machine I have them on crashes or various other reasons. So with the advent of GoogleCode, I've decided to maintain all my code libraries here where not only I can grab them but anyone else who might find them useful can also get them. All librarie

Clinical Handover Database

Database for hospital doctors and nurses to keep track of their patients. The database will be of use in the advent of hospital at night, weekend handovers and produces 'sign-out sheets' for all of your patients.

Iadvent - A telnet application for logging into Advent

A telnet application for logging into Advent of the Mists MUD at