Advanced Data Server

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Advanced Data Server (ADS) is a library that enables you to create powerful server applications with little code.



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the special variable `__pdoc__` can be used in your module to document any identifier in your public interface.* Usage is simple. Just write your documentation as Markdown. There are no added special syntax rules.* `pdoc` respects your `__all__` variable when present.* `pdoc` will automatically link identifiers in your docstrings to its corresponding documentation.* When `pdoc` is run as an HTTP server, external linking is supported between packages.* The `pdoc` HTTP server will cache ge

joomla-cms - Home of the Joomla! Content Management System

Ready to install Joomla?---------------------* Check the [minimum requirements]( * How do you [install Joomla](!)?* You could start your Joomla! experience by [building your site on a local test server]( ready, it can be moved to an on-line hosting account of your choice.Updates are free!---------------------* Always use the [latest version](http://ww

certificate-transparency - Auditing for TLS certificates.

- [OpenSSL](, at least 1.0.0, preferably 1.0.2 (and up)The checking of SCTs included in the [RFC 6962]( TLS extension is only included in OpenSSL 1.0.2. As of this writing, this version is not yet released, so this means hand building the ```OpenSSL_1_0_2-stable``` branch from the [OpenSSL git repository]( - [CMake]( - [googlemock](

WebFEET - Web Filter External Enumeration Tool (WebFEET)

The techniques used can help enumerate: * Products or services used, sometimes with versions * Detailed web filtering policy enumeration (and associated flaws in the policy and/or product/service capability) This tool works in a drive-by way, using JavaScript to enumerate products and policy. It populates the DOM with the results, and POSTs the DOM back to the server for further analysis. Further documented notes are available inline with the results page. ==== Current stable Beta version:


- `iperf`: BSD license( - `netperf`: HP license ( - `mongodb`: GNU AGPL v3.0 ( - `ycsb` (used by `mongodb`): Apache V2 ( - `memtier_benchmark`: GPL v2 ( - `sysbench_oltp`: GPL v2 ( - `unixbench`: GPL v2 (https://code.googl

volt - A ruby web framework where your ruby runs on both server and client

Volt is a Ruby web framework where your ruby code runs on both the server and the client (via [opal]( The DOM automatically update as the user interacts with the page. Page state can be stored in the URL. If the user hits a URL directly, the HTML will first be rendered on the server for faster load times and easier indexing by search engines.Instead of syncing data between the client and server via HTTP, Volt uses a persistent connection between the client and ser

gintoki-shairport - shairport for gintoki

What it is----------This program emulates an AirPort Express for the purpose of streaming music from iTunes and compatible iPods and iPhones. It implements a server for the Apple RAOP protocol.ShairPort does not support AirPlay v2 (video and photo streaming).Build Requirements------------------Required:* OpenSSLOptionally:* libao* PulseAudio* avahiDebian/Raspbian users can get the basics with`apt-get install libssl-dev libavahi-client-dev libasound2-dev`Runtime Requirements--------------------Yo

share-file - FileTea-like command line tool

The role model--------------There exists a web service called [FileTea](, which isreallly great: Just go there with your web browser and share a file. You get alink that you can send to other people, and they can use it to download thefile. The greatness of FileTea comes from the fact that * the file is streamed to the other user directly from your browser, i.e. it is not stored on the server, and * as soon as you close your browser tab, the link becomes invalid.The idea-----

scriptacular - Generic, reusable bash shell scripts

`` : determine if web server is serving gzip/deflate compressed files [[script](]`` : build a ruby gem from a gemspec file & push release to [[script](]`` : initialize git repository, stage files, & perform initial commit [[script](

erlskeletor_cowboy - Erlang skeleton with cowboy and common test

To download dependencies and compile everything:```bashmake```To run the erlang shell and launch everything:```bashmake shell```The root handler answers with an html that will create an [EventSource]( to receive server sent events. Open your browser and go to [/](http://localhost:8080). The messages will get appended to the DOM. ```bash$ curl -X GET "http://localhost:8080/" <html><head> <meta charset="utf-8"><body> <script> var sour

http-https-node.js - an http and https server in node.js

an http and https server in node.js

RakNet - RakNet is a cross platform, open source, C++ networking engine for game programmers.

------------------------------------------ See Help\swigtutorial.html Upgrading from version 3 ------------------------------------------ See 3.x_to_4.x_upgrade.txt Windows users (Visual Studio 2008 and 2010) ----------------------------------------- Load RakNet_VS2008.sln and convert if necessary.After the project conversion, if you encounter error MSB4006,follow the steps below to fix it:1. Open project properties2. Click on "Common Properties"3. Click on "Framework and References"4. Look

jrb_node - Simple boost asio based sync and async http client and http and https server

Simple boost asio based sync and async http client and http and https server


The [GoInstant]( GoRTC library glues together[webrtc.js]( and [GoInstant]( offer audio/video conferencing with no server deployment or configuration.We use GoRTC as the base of our [WebRTC widget]( To use GoRTC, you can [sign up for a free GoInstant account]( [Read the documentation](

manet - Website screenshot service powered by Node.js, SlimerJS and PhantomJS

> There is only one true thing: instantly paint what you see. When you've got it, you've got it. When you haven't, you begin again. All the rest is humbug.<img align="right" style="margin-left: 15px" width="300" height="360" title="Self-Portrait with Palette, 1879" src="misc/manet.jpg">**Manet** is a REST API server which allows capturing screenshots of websites using various parameters. It is a good way to make sure that your websites are responsive or to make thumbnails.**Manet** could use dif

Proxy-Server - C# HTTP/HTTPS Proxy Server (Simple Example)

C# HTTP/HTTPS Proxy Server (Simple Example)

nodejs-server - Another HTTP/HTTPS command-line server written with node.js

Another HTTP/HTTPS command-line server written with node.js


Continuous integration with [travis]([![Build Status](](* GNU build system (autoconf, automake, libtool)* [Snappy](* [Doxygen]( autoreconf --install ./configure make make checkAPI documentation can be generated with `doxygen`.Installing----------


{ "name":"singe-page-server", "version":"0.0.1", "description":"A Server for Single-Page Web-Applications", "keywords":["site", "html5"], "contributors": [ "Joachim Kainz <> (" ], "repository":{ "url":"", "type":"git" }, "dependencies":{ "handlebars":"*", "404project":"*", "connect-less-jolira":"*", "directory-tree-watcher"

Amahi Home Server - Making Home Networking Simple

The Amahi Home Server makes your home networking simple, It is called as Home Digital Assistant. Its core functionality include protecting your files and computers, Access, share and search your files from any machine on your network, making it easy to share and find your photos, music and videos, Automatically setup your own VPN, Shared applications like calendaring, private wiki and more to come, will help you manage your home and your family.