AdvaS Advanced Search

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A python module that provides algorithms for advanced search - basically all you need to build a search engine.



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cutting edge cms, blog, wiki, forum ...

adva-cms2 - Cutting edge Rails 3 CMS framework

Cutting edge Rails 3 CMS framework

SharePoint Server 2007 - Custom Site Administration Applications

This project contains a complete deployable solution that allows you to manage custom event handlers in SharePoint Server 2007. The project includes the various various visual studio projects required to build and deploy such a solution. The aim of this project is to take adva...

Python-xmp-toolkit - Python XMP Toolkit - a python library for reading, writing and manipulating XMP

Python XMP Toolkit is a library for working with XMP metadata, as well as reading/writing XMP metadata stored in many different file formats. Python XMP Toolkit is wrapping Exempi (using ctypes), a C/C++ XMP library based on Adobe XMP Toolkit, ensuring that future updates to the XMP standard are easily incorporated into the library with a minimum amount of work. Python XMP Toolkit has been developed by: ESA/Hubble - European Space Agency ESO - European Southern Observatory CRS4 - Centre for Adva


A modular program that runs in background, and executes actions based on conditions. You can use it i.e. to make your computer switch between over/underclocking profiles by checking if a 3D application is running. Written in C# and winforms (.NET 2.0).

Steeptimer - A timer designed for tea fanatics

SteepTimer is an easy-to-use program made for the preparation of tea. It features multiple sets of multiple timers, allowing you to save the infusion times of all your teas. Features: Designed specifically for timing tea infusions Allows multiple groups of multiple timers Includes an expanding text area for any instructions or comments you have on a particular tea Has an import/export feature to allow you to copy your tea groups from one computer to another, or just to keep them as a backup Adva

Languagepickerwidget - Language Picker Widget

An Android Widget to change locales on one click. This is a widget, so it is not available in the applications launcher, but has to be added to the home screen, see the Instructions to add this widget to the home screen in the wiki: If you write SMS, emails or any other type of text in multiple languages and your Android device contains the dictionary (autocorrect/suggestions) on those languages, then you can take adva


A newsletter engine for adva_cms


A Rails Engine to add a simple checkout to the adva_cms.