Advanced GWT Components

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This is a library of GWT components (widgets) which helps to develop a rich Web 2 UI more rapidly. The library consists of such components like editable and hierarchical grid, date picker, etc. The components were tested in browsers: IE, FireFox, Safari.



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Blackpill - Suite for GWT extensions

BlackPill is a branch of the Juglar Project ( that provides an extension library for GWT framework. BlackPill provices extensions for advanced JSON serialization, Cross Domain RPC and text compression.

Gwt-beans-binding - An API that allows two properties of two beans to stay in sync.

Beans Binding (JSR 295) reference implementation & BetterBeansBinding port for GWT. If you have isolated a problem or want a new feature to be included, please submit an issue. If you have questions, please post them on the discussion group for the GWT Beans Binding project. If you are interested in contributing to GWT Beans Binding, please contact me. DemosVery simple demo (source code). More advanced demo with a GWT Mosaic ListBox and two text boxes using RPC and JPA. GWT Mosaic's Actions API

Gwt-stuff - Collection of modules and components for GWT.

GWT-Stuff is a collection of modules and components for the Google Web Toolkit. June 10, 2007:You need to download the appropiate GWT-Stuff for your version of GWT. The GWT 1.4.10RC indtroduced some changes that necessitated some changes to the internals of the GWT-Stuff widgets. You are encouraged to use the following links to find the appropriate download: GWT-Stuff for GWT-1.3 GWT-Stuff for GWT-1.4 March 7, 2007:Significant release: the major highlight is ObjectListTable no longer crashes som

Glassfish-dashboard - Simple AJAX monitoring application for glassfish

BasicsThis some GWT application provides an AJAX view of the state of your glassfish server; on one page you can see memory stats and browse the logs. This also serves as an example application using the Kiyaa! GWT framework. PortabilityThe app doesn't actually use glassfish-specific APIs so it's possible this could be ported to other appservers. InstructionsCurrently this is an eclipse project using gwt-tooling to build it. If you don't use eclipse and gwt-tooling you may need some more advance

Gwtexpress - GWT Express

GWT Express is a small step towards building express applications using GWT/RPC/MYSQL Check out the Demo to see how it works... & provide your valuable feedback... Login details for the demo: demo/demo Try searching for all customers by typing "%" in the Customer Name field Try "Complex Search" for an advanced search After performing a search, double click on any of the resulting rows and perform modifications. Click on "Create New Customers" tab and try creating a new customer While creating a

Gxt-jglayout - JGoodies FormLayout implementation for ExtGWT (GXT)

JGoodies form layout implementation for Ext-GWT (GXT) The first advanced layout manager for ExtGWT (GXT). Main features: aligns components in a dynamic rectangular grid of cells column and row specifications horizontal grow, fill horizontal alignments: left, center, right, fill vertical alignments: top, center, bottom sizes can be specified as: Pixel, Points, Inches, Millimeter, Centimeter and Dialog Units resize weights bounded, constant, minimum and preferred sizes column and row groups cell c

Jgrousegwt - Set of advanced components for GWT

Set of advanced components for GWT

Cubusmail - Ajax based webmail client

Cubusmail is an Ajax based IMAP mail client which has a desktop application like user interface. It provides functions like MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, drag & drop and message searching. Cubusmail is written in Java and applies the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). It requires no external database. The data is stored by H2. Other databases like MySQL will be supported later. Advanced user interface Full support for HTML messages Drag & Drop Compose messages with attachments IMAP fol

Gwt-o3d - Library providing easy to use cross-platform browser 3D capabilities to Google Web Toolkit

NEWS::9/17/09Okay so i have been super backlogged at work, which my open source work takes a backseat to. i wish i had like 32 hours a day, but i dont. I have done a bunch more research, and put alot more thought into how and what to code up into gwt-o3d first. I hope to have a much more expansive release by the end of august, this will include more expansive object and model creation and loading, in addition more automatic resource loading, and dynamic shader loading, i would also like to code

Gwt-rolodex - A gwt widget for the animated display of image sets

SummaryThis widget displays a stack of images that you can flick through like a rolodex or a card deck. It uses gwt's deferred binding for the image generation and lightweight animation to create a fast and smooth experience in all supported browsers. Check out the HelpMovieDemo and FlipBookDemo demos. UsageDownload the latest version of this widget and place it within the classpath of your project. Add the following line to your module xml (see an exampleModuleXml <inherits name='