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AdPlug is a cross-platform OPL2 audio player library. AdPlug plays music, originally composed for the AdLib (OPL2) audio board, on top of an OPL2 emulator or by using the real hardware. There are multiple player software interfaces available.



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Cardio - Audio playback library

Cardio is a simple to use library for playing various audio files. It includes support for a number of audio formats and is extensible via plugins. The plugins that come with cardio are all licensed under the LGPL (2.1 or later). Supported file formats are: AIFF AU FLAC (via libflac) MIDI (via TiMidity++) MOD/XM/IT/etc (either via DUMB or libmodplug) MPC (via Musepack) VOC Vorbis (via libvorbis) WAV WV (via WavPack) Supported output methods are: ALSA (via alsa-lib; plugin is alpha quality) Diskw

Comixzone-sdl - Comix Zone - SDL

A SDL Remake of the 1995 SEGA Mega Drive \\ Genesis, Comix Zone! Including Cross-Platform Functionality and ACTUAL SOUND(like real Sega Genesis\\ Mega Drive FM Synthisis) and is Hardware Independent! Please Contribute! This Project Needs People willing to: recreate or rip images work with adlib fm synthisis Trackers to get sounds Ports to: ac OS X (and Classic) inux! SD variants SP\\DS reamCast port! ny Other Systems you can think of! :D Visit Development Requirements in the Wiki!


A component for the foobar2000 audio player, based on the AdPlug library and DBOPL from Dosbox

adplug - AdLib sound player library

AdLib sound player library