Python DB-API 2.0 module for ADO

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Python module that makes it easy to use Microsoft ADO for connecting with databases and other data sources. -- This module is included as part of pywin32. Download here for IronPython or to update. Unzip amp; use to install on all platforms. **** The 2.5 version has a Linux compatible REMOTE access module. * Read quick_reference.odt from the zip for documentation. [Note: Pyro4 version 2.20(+) must be set for PYRO_SERIALIZER=pickle for adodbapi.server to work correctly.]



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HomePage A SDS/ADaM meta-data management system written in python+wxpython.( ActivePython is used as the python interpreter. The background database is MS Access. The adodbapi is used for the ODBC connection to MS Access.( This project has just started and in the very early stage. It is not usable yet.