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Related Projects

SOSS - a chess pairing program

SOSS - a chess pairing program. Features: enter result using bar codes, lots of configurable print outs, calculation of team competitions, administration of fees etc, adm. of leaders, multiple competitions in one event, html print outs.


FirefoxADM is a way of allowing centrally managed locked and/or default settings in Firefox via Group Policy and Administrative Templates in Active Directory Latest news about FirefoxADM at

Firmware for ADM5120-based routers

Software and information for ADM5120-based router devices, including Omnima EMB ( Edimax BR-6104K(P), and Sweex LB000021.


Admulator is a simulator of ADM5120 Soc chip.

Predictionwiz - Prediction Wiz - A webapp helper for the Google Prediction API

UPDATE: Prediction API v.1.4 supported After installing this app on your Google App Engine Account, you will be able to use the Google Prediction API without writing any line of code. The webapp will also provide a very simple GET API to ask for predictions from other apps. Requirements:Google App Engine Account App Engine Python Environment Setup:Download source. Change unique App Engine application identifier inside the app.yaml from "predictionwiz" to "your-app-name" Change the parameters acc