Adventure Definition Language

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Adventure Definition Langage (ADL) - a language used to create text adventures similar to Zork and other Infocom games.



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Aidepiadl - An Integrated Development Environment for PI ADL

An Integrated Development Environment for PI ADL, using The ArchWare Architecture Description Language (Ï€-ADL) is a formal language designed for supporting executable specification and automated verification of evolvable software architectures. It is part of the ArchWare Architectural Languages, which are: the ArchWare Architecture Description Language1 (Ï€-ADL), the ArchWare Architecture Analysis Language2 (AAL), the ArchWare Architecture Refinement Language3 (ARL), the ArchWare Archit

Scorm2004rte - A LMS server which implement the SCORM 2004 Sequencing&Navigation specification.

The scorm2004rte allows the user to execute learning materials following the standard ADL SCORM 2004 and manage (not producing these), facilitating the synchronization between these teaching materials and virtual learning platform (Campus).

Fractalizer - A tool to automatically Fractal-ize java application

A tool to automatically Fractal-ize java application. Fractal is a Component Model. Fractalizer takes as input a JAR archive of a java application, and outputs a Fractal ADL file. News31/10/2007 We've just released a first working version of Fractalizer. You can download it from the Downloads section.

Alpenglow - Executable architecture description language and toolkit

The idea is to explore pragmatic approach to executable architecture descriptions using Java programming language. This approach should allow reusing of runtime semantics of Java language for ability to execute a description.

Adl-p1 - ADL Projeto - 1

Primeiro projeto ADL Games.

Adl-guildhome - A Home for the Guild "Armee des Lichts" on realm "Todeswache" in

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Adlrw - ADL Registry Website

This is a temporary home for the ADL Registry Website code.


A front end (middleware) system for interacting with the ADL-R (Advanced Distributed Learning - Repository) metadata repository. Web-based service keeps track of the state of your repository and allows you several ways to update the ADL-R via SOAP calls.

SofAA - Software Architecture Assistant

SofAA is a graphical tool designed to create/edit/view software architecture descriptions, expressed in lt;A HREF=quot;;gt;xADL 2.0lt;/Agt; (an Architecture Description Language based on the XML schema xADL).

IC Login

IC Login is used to automate the login to com hem Internet Cable and Telia ADLS, both FLS and ELAS (login methods, ignore if you don't recognize). It's a Windows program that can also run as a service.