{Adjunct} functionality for the .NET framework

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A project to provide extensions, and tooling for building additional extensions, for the .NET framework.




Related Projects


The SourceForge OpenRasMol project is an adjunct to the RasMol and OpenrasMol project at http://rasmol.org. It is hoped that the SourceForge OpenRasMol project will provide a convenient focal point for active collaborative contributions.

Nordicrepository - The Nordic Repository aims to add functionality to the Zend Framework.

The Nordic Repository aims to add functionality to the Zend Framework. Therefore it can be a good adjunct to the Zend Framework.


A community effort to define functional extensions to the XSL Formatting Objects specification in advance of development of new versions of the XSL FO specification by the W3C as an adjunct to the formal X3C activity.

Deliver: Flexible Delivery of Local Mail

Deliver is a local mail delivery program. It makes a fine adjunct to your mail transport of choice (sendmail, qmail, exim, etc.).

Statuspp - Status++

Android app for setting activity tags on social networks. Status++ is based on the idea of context tags described in this research paper: Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer, Antonio Krüger: Context Tags – Exploiting User-given Contextual Cues for Disambiguation. In: Adjunct Proceedings of Mobile HCI 2011. Stockholm 2011, Sweden.

Bbg-symbols - Bloomberg Ticker Symbols normalization and archival project

Bloomberg Ticker Symbols are a corpus of a wide coverage corpus of symbols referencing various tradeable securities , as released under a 'PUBLIC DOMAIN DEDICATION AND TERMS' in late 2009. This project provides a venue including the following purposes: Archiving changed file release content pf Bloomberg symbols as initially released, and as the symbol set coverage may later vary from Bloomberg, in their 'Bloomberg Open Symbology' project into a durable archive Normalizing that data Providing a c

Detecting-repeated-shapes - Code to detect repeated shapes in images (content-based image recognitio

This program attempts to detect repeated shapes in images, using segmentation and hierarchical agglomerative clustering of image segments. The program was developed in the hope that this would be a useful adjunct to developing content based image recognition. As a more practical matter, the code can create attractive image transformations. More information on the original project, including samples, is located at my website. The abstract follows: An important visual capability is the ability to

Open-source-dependency-toolkit - The Open Source Dependency Toolkit

The objective of the OSDT project is to develop novel methods for incremental statistical dependency par­sing that improve the state-of-the-art, and to implement the methods in an open-source toolkit written in Java. The proposed system will be the first parsing system that uses error-guided repair operations that can change the analyses destructive­ly; and it will be the first dependency parser that is based on a sophisticated gene­rative statistical dependency model that includes specific s

S60voip - VoIP client for Symbian S60 3rd and 5th edition phones.

What is the s60voip projectThe outcome of this project is an installable piece of software that allows you to place a voip-based call on certain Symbian S60 phones, i.e. Nokia smartphones such as the E71 and 5800 Xpress. What does the software look likeThe software consists of a regular .sis executable that can be installed on Nokia Series 60 3rd and 5th edition phones. For a listing of these phones please consult: http://www.symbian.org/devices Once installed, the software's interface consists

Brewblogger - PHP/MySQL-based Logging System for Homebrewers

BrewBloggerView the updates list for the project for bug fixes and new code commits. BrewBlogger 2.3.2Finally! The latest version of BrewBlogger has been released. This version fixes several bugs and incorporates a few new features, including: The ability to enter up to 15 grains and 15 hops into recipes and logs - that's 6 more than previous for each. An enhanced hop bitterness calculator where users can input up to 20 hop additions. The cacluations now take into account whether pellets or whol