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The Adjective Project is a set of java components, with a particular focus on web application development.



Related Projects


ChatScript is the next generation chatbot engine that won the 2010 Loebner Prize with Suzette, 2011 Loebner with Rosette, and 2nd in 2012 Loebner with Angela (a bug I introduced in the Loebner protocol, not the engine). The technology behind Outfit7's mobile app Tom Loves Angela and ESL chatbots at Japan's SpeakGlobal. 3rd place winner Chatbot Battles 2012 and awarded best 15 minute conversation prize. Also has useful ontology files for nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs. Stand-alone or ser

Linkbowl - A URL shortener that aims to create easily speakable URL shortcuts

The Link Bowl is an open source implementation of a popular online url shortening tool. Instead of trying make a URL as short as possible it aims to make the url as memorable as possible. It does this by combining an adjective or verb with a noun. The included lists are capable of generating over 58 million unique memorable urls. The lists were compiled using 30000 of the most common english words.

Felicitous-desktop - desktop backgrounds live from flickr aptly chosen using your local weather

A better random background scriptfelicitous: adjective. well chosen or appropriate. felicitous-desktop searches Flickr for interesting photographs taken at a similar time of day and weather to which you are now experiencing. Simple to use on a Linux desktop InstallationInstructions MethodTake interesting photographs live from the web using the Flickr API Search for photographs appropriate for the current time of day and weather, eg. foggy morning, or cloudy sunset Credit: photos are Creative Com

Pyrikai - A gedit Japanese dictionary plugin using EDict

AboutPyRikai is a gedit plugin which makes use of Jim Breen's excellent open-source EDict/Kanjidic to make character/kanji lookups. Python 2.5 (or above) is required to run this plugin. Featureskanji/hiragana/katagana auto conversion auto de-inflection of Japanese verbs and adjectives conversion of Japanese dates/numbers to Gregorian/Arabic equivalents (in progress) Screenshot

Tightometer - Tightometer is a mobile application that can be used to visualize, convey, and even br

Tight -adjective: characterized by strong situational tension. angry; unfriendly; uncomfortable. Tightometer is a mobile application that can be used to visualize, convey, and even broadcast the "tightness" of a particular situation. When a user moves the Tightometer slider, the tightness level is sent to a server, where it is stored. Others can then view, in real time, the user's tightness level from another copy of the app, or via the web. Visit to learn more.


Tools and algorithms for inflecting Finnish nouns, adjectives, pronouns, numerals, infinitives and participles.

Namez - Let your name reflect your personality...

This application associates a word (personality adjective) with each letter of your name and displays it in your profile with cool backgrounds and colors. Let your name reflect your personality...

Comment-form-madlibs - Uses the comment_form function in WP 3.0 to make the form a madlibs style for

Madlibs are cool and the comment_form function in WordPress 3.0 is even cooler. These two together? (cool adjective) !

Zegoggles - Flex app that recreates a chart similar to the one in the XKCD comic "Adjectives&qu

Reads adjectives from an XML file and queries Google via their AJAX Web Search API for the estimated result count. Does the same for the intensified variants "Fucking adj," and "adj as shit," and computes the ratio of occurences of the intensified variant vs. the adjective alone, on a logarithmic scale. Then, everything's displayed on a handy little Flex PlotChart control. Google queries are performed sequentially, and with a two second delay per query. Yes, this is slow and ugly. However, Googl