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Adit is another database interface tool built with Java. Adit is a lightweight tool for querying any database with a JDBC driver. Features include saved connections, saved queries, export to delimited text, and database metadata.



Related Projects


EQAlign born as a software that assists to align a German Equatorial Mount (GEM) exactly to the Earth polar axis. Today, in adition to polar align feature, EQAlign is a full featured astronomical software.

Galleryscript - A Galleryscript written in PHP with pw-protection and without SQL - simple to use!

The IdeaThe idear was to code a galleryscriipt that can easily be modified from an standard user and works only with php/css and without sql. Of course you must set some fileright to the server in adition to use the sript ;-) ImplementationThe script searches a path (optional subdirs) for pics, given by the user - create thumbnails (optional resizes the original pics for better performance), sort it by date and display it. The date of the pics will be searched in the metainformations of the pics

Gecrit - A python IDE with usual features, plus aditional ones.

gEcrit is a Python IDE. Its focus is on simplicity and ease of use. It is fast and lightweight. It features Python indentation, line numbers, code folding, syntax highlighting, shell access, code completion, a program runner, a source browser, indentation guides, a white space indicator, autosaving, an edge line, multiple tabs, printing, jumping to a specific line, word searching, word replacement, zooming undo/redo, code submission, Python syntax checking, the ability to change the

CaMail - Free Modular Webmail

CaMail is a web based mail system written in Perl (using Apache mod_perl) and Template Toolkit. It supports multiple IMAP/SMTP servers along multiple domains and addressbook via LDAP. In adition, LDAP is used to store sessions, groups, message filters

MSM Rule Editor

Graphical rule editor for JBoss Drools rules. Can be easily extended to parse rules for any other rule engine. Also includes parser for HQL/SQL for rule testing on a database. Aditional plugins for rule deploy can also be obtained

Gwtquery - A jQuery clone for GWT, and much more.

IntroductionGwtQuery a.k.a. GQuery is a jQuery-like API written in GWT, which allows GWT to be used in progressive enhancement scenarios where perhaps GWT widgets are too heavyweight. It can also be used to find and improve your GWT widgets. GwtQuery is easy to learn for those using jQuery as they share the same api, aditionally gquery adds nice features like type-safe css, compile time optimisations, etc. Currently, almost the jQuery API is written and all CSS3 selectors should be supported. If

Adit-desi-dummy - Social Network

Practice make a Social Network Web Layout

Selfcommands - Selfcommands for ULX

This project contains all kinds of self commands for ULX. Fully compatible with ULX version 3.50 (the latest at time of writing) and with some fun aditions. Requirements ULib ULX A (dedicated) server

Vacuum-plugins - Aditional plugins for Vacuum-IM project

There are plugins for Vacuum-IM that are not related to the extensions of the XMPP Protocol Plugin


Full featured GUI filebrowser that uses libftp and libimg written in tcl/tk that can access ftp servers, browse local files, create image galleries, understands many file formats, the configuration is done in gui. It can be set to start aditional progs.