Adhoc SQL Query Application

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The Adhoc SQL Query Application builds sql queries in a secure manner and prevents sql injection attacks. You configure db connections and sql queries in an XML file. The application supports select, execute, and sql batches. And you can output the results in a CVS file.



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SQLinq - use LINQ to generate Ad-Hoc Sql Queries

Easily generate ad-hoc SQL code using LINQ in a strongly typed manner that allows for compile time validation of sql scripts.

Rent-a-car-system - Ad-hoc work

Rent-a-car management system designed by doofer and nesa

Sqlpower-library - SQL Power Library: Support code for several SQL Power open-source apps

The SQL Power Library has grown organically over the years to support several applications. The projects that use this library include: SQL Power Architect is an open-source data modeling tool. SQL Power DQguru (formerly known as SQL Power MatchMaker) is an open-source data cleansing and de-duping tool. SQL Power Wabit is an open-source Business Intelligence reporting and ad-hoc querying tool.

Sqlhandler - SQLHandler a C++ library to add relational database support to the OPeNDAP Hyrax back-e

SQLH: SQL Handler This is a Hyrax module, used to add SQL Query capabilities to the BES server. It consists in a fully functional SQL handler that you can customize and expand developing SQLPlugin(s). It is coded in C++ and is bundled with a default multifunctional SQLPlugin which uses the unixODBC library. This SQLPlugin will be used to connect OpeNDAP Hyrax (BES) to heterogeneous database server. Anyway it provides a besCreateSQLPlugin script which build empty SQLPlugin ready to develop ad-hoc

Sqlformat - SQL Parser / Formatter

SQL Parser in C#, using .NET 3.5. The intention of this project is to implement a 'pretty formatter' of SQL because of the terse nature of NHibernate generated SQL, and also to ensure SQL is readable (according to my standard). There is also a simple one page sql formatter available here to allow some experimentation, but this project is still in its infancy, so don't expect too much just yet! Current Features Supports SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DECLARE, GO statements Uses white space liber

Django-realize - Converts a Django object into Python's built-in type

This program can convert following Django objects into Python's built-in object: django.db.models.Modeldjango.db.models.manager.Manager django.db.models.fields.related.ManyRelatedManagerdjango.db.models.query.QuerySetdjango.forms.models.BaseForm django.forms.models.ModelFormdjango.forms.util.ErrorListdjango.forms.util.ErrorDictdjango.utils.functional.Promise django.utils.functional.__proxy__When the object is converted into build-in object (int, float, str, unicode), it can be serialized using s

Agentsnapboard - web utility to create online story mashups

a system consisting of a basic story structure title pages page elements GUI allows users to create ad-hoc layered html mosaics or mashups using simple interface elements like drag and drop, double-click and ease of use content management via FLIKR, YouTube and GOOGLE APIs for a live demo, please visit

Aql - sql syntax for awk

Allows you to pipe to or directly use sql with flat data files. Great for log parsing or adhoc temporary sql parsing. Supports joins, insert, delete, update, primary key, subqueries, regular expression comparisons etc. AWK is an incredibly powerful tool - but it can be pretty unmaintainable/hard to juggle columns when referencing them by number / order instead of name. So AQL allows you to access your data as if it were an sql table. The idea is to leverage AWK - not replace it. AQL is mereley a

Power-architect - SQL Power Architect: Data Modeling & Profiling Tool

The SQL Power Architect Community Edition is a cross-platform, open-source data modeling tool with a GUI and an embeddable API. For more information on the Community or Enterprise Edition of SQL Power Architect, please visit SQL Power Architect 1.0.6 Released!The SQL Power Architect 1.0.6 has been released! This is mainly a bug-fix release. Notable changes include: Bug Fixes: Fixed saving of files with XML characters in remarks fields. Fixed a exception when

Wabit - SQL Power Wabit: Business Intelligence Reporting & Analysis Tool

SQL Power Wabit Community Edition, sponsored by SQL Power Group Inc, is a cross-platform, open-source ad-hoc reporting tool with a GUI and an embeddable API. For information about the Community Edition or Enterprise Edition of SQL Power Wabit, please visit SQL Power Wabit 1.3.4 available!Noteworthy changes in 1.3.4 Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue with loading manually edited SQL queries SQL Power Wabit 1.3.3 available!Noteworthy changes in 1.3.3 Bug Fixes: Improved th