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Adept is a free multilanguage e-learning system. Users can choose, navigate, read courses on screen, do exercices and download related material. Authors can create courses online or import them from word processor files and quiz generation software such



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Adept Library

The Adept Library contains a lightweight Java Object database for stand-alone applications. It is designed for simplicity of use, exposing a simple DTO - no need for copy logic or complex serialisation techniques. It is also a powerful general library.

Fangcheng - Early History of Linear Algebra: Chinese Sources

In China, from about the first century C.E. through the seventeenth century, anonymous and most likely illiterate adepts practiced an arcane art termed fangcheng 方程 (often translated into English as “rectangular arrays�). This art provided procedures for manipulating counting rods on a counting board, which enabled practitioners to produce answers to seemingly insoluble riddles. This art seems to have been closely aligned with other mathematical arts, including various forms of calculati

Scteach - This is the code project for SC Board of Education ADEPT program

Design, build and integrate new applications with existing code/dashboard

Consonance - Consonance is a Gtk# client for the OpenGroupware groupware server.

SummaryConsonance is a .NET/Gtk# client for the OpenGroupware groupware server. This project also contains a general-purpose .NET assembly for accessing an OpenGroupware server. Consonance connects to the groupware service via the ZideStore service; the ZideStore service. ComoponentsWhitemice.ZOGI.RPC2 - Provides low level implementation of the XML-RPC zOGI API. Whitemice.ZOGI.Backend - Provides high-level communications with the OpenGroupware groupware server. Most importantly

Srsm-hmm - Speech recognition system for medications using HMM powered by Adepter project team

Speech recognition system for medications using HMMSo we are here to create a HMM system that evaluate observation state (acoustic signals) and predict the hidden state (medicine name). In Digital Medical Prescription, doctor will dictate the medicine word. HMM system has to capture the acoustic sequence and match with most probable word that goes together with acoustic sequence. General Detail Project Workspace : Project Mailing list : A

Modwsgi - Python WSGI adapter module for Apache.

What Is mod_wsgi?The aim of mod_wsgi is to implement a simple to use Apache module which can host any Python application which supports the Python WSGI interface. The module would be suitable for use in hosting high performance production web sites, as well as your average self managed personal sites running on web hosting services. Modes Of OperationWhen hosting WSGI applications using mod_wsgi, one of two primary modes of operation can be used. In 'embedded' mode, mod_wsgi works in a similar w

Bahamete-tas - bahamete's Lua scripts

I'm bahamete. I'm an aspiring programmer and avid TASer. This place is primarily for the former, where I will hopefully upload Lua scripts for various games and other tools. If you're looking for SMW TASes by me and others, check out: I use Text Adept for Lua scripts, and so should you. vim for everything else. :)

Hotspotnavapp - On-Foot Navigation Guided by GPS

Project Description To address the problem of incoming students needing to find their way around the Penn State campus and surrounding areas, from first-year as freshmen or incoming from branch campuses, we propose to create a mobile application to give directions to specific locations via cellphone. For those not yet adept at the finer details of the campus, this tool will enable them to be better students and get to class promptly. There is also room to expand in the future by being able to pi

Emotelligenceontext - Emotelligence on Text

Emotelligence on textQuick lookWe are here to build a intelligent system under the title Emotelligence on Text to Recognize human emotion from textual contents Project status : Under Construction (folks who are passion to innovation are invited to work together) IntroductionInformation recognition and extraction of human emotions are necessary for machines to communicate smoothly with humans and to realize emotion communications. Under the taxonomy of computer science affective computing is the