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AddressBar; A launchpad for windows, quickly address files, directory's, startmenu items, by keyboard, without the use of the mouse



Related Projects

Phonelikenotifier - Omnibar extensions for Google Chrome

The AIM of this project is create little and useful Chrome's extensions located at the Omnibar (the address bar) in order to minimize the number of extension buttons located at the browser and kept Chrome as minimalist at it was designed first. - Share on Facebook from Omnibar: that's the first extension we did. It was created as training extension (but useful). It has been installed 117 times in the first week. You can install it by visiting:

Webobserver - firefox and IE plugin for web security

INSTALL: Show the current page's security information in the statusbar and addressbar. If this page is safe, a green icon will be shown in the statusbar and the addressbar's background will be green. If it's danger, icon will be red and the addressbar's background will also be red. on the other cases, a yellow icon will be shown if this page is between safe and danger, and a gray icon if we have no data about this page. we will not alte

Chromium-delicious-extension - Google Chrome/Chromium Delicious Plugin

Delicious is a social bookmarking service that allows you to tag, save, manage and share Web pages all in one place. With emphasis on the power of the community, Delicious greatly improves how people discover, remember and share on the Internet. Installation requirementsExtension requires development version of Google Chrome or Chromium. FeaturesMouse selection is stored as notes to the bookmark. Ability to save all bookmarks as private. User can auto save bookmarks to delicious when saving book

Adress-tab - puts the address bar in a tab.

Address Tab Google has managed to increase the working window in a browser a huge deal with their revolutionary chrome browser. I intend to increase it even more. With "Address Tab" all the tools that you will need will be in a single line. When I use the browser I don't need to have the address bar "hanging around" the only time I do need it is when I want to type in a search or change the URL. Thus WHY should it be there? The address tab will make the address bar appear when you'll select a ta

Rubnub - RubNub is a Firefox add-on that enhances your address bar with additional functionality

As soon as I learned about YubNub I knew it was special, nay, revolutionary. Within the first hour of using it, I decided a Firefox toolbar had to exist for it…yet there was none. Thus RubNub for YubNub was born. Trust me: once you start using it…you will never go back to the standard address bar again. Eventually I will get the project in here, until then see >||;)

Monoquery - Picking up where Yubnub left off.

Note: This project is still in active development, but it has moved to Github Queriac (codenamed monoquery) is a free online tool that allows you to manage your quicksearches, shortcuts, and bookmarklets by taking them out of your browser profile and onto the web, making them portable, taggable, shareable, and generally easier to manage. Drawing from the concept of YubNub and extending it in the spirit of, Queriac effectively turns your browser’s address bar into a flexible command

cannedwebview - application that's just a web browser that has no addressbar or anything.

application that's just a web browser that has no addressbar or anything.


An interactive test for the HTML5 history API, with focus on the addressbar updating properly - something too many implementions still get wrong.


a Google Chrome extension that allows you to display your Google Services as drop-down list buttons just next to your addressbar.