Active Directory Browser

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Active Directory Browser (AD Browser) is a remote browser tool for viewing, managing, personalizing Microsoft(c) Server Active Directory(tm) User accounts. AD Browser could also be used as a LAN Chat application within Enterprise (Company).



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ADbNewsSender is an easy to install and use php based newsletter script. You can use it to manage multiple newsletters. It is using double opt in and supports MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL. You can also present a web archive to your website's visitor

Robotfreak - Projects Collection

This is my collection of projects Robots my collection of robots FezBridge a .NETMF implementation of Android Debug Bridge (ADB) for FEZ devices


ADB LogCat Manager tool generates the colorful log in console windows of tool. This tool will deliver for testing purpose where user can debug their phone and get running log of particular mobile phone.

Java-adb-explorer - Java ADB Explorer allows you to explore your Anroid Phone.

Java ADB Explorer allows you to explore your Anroid Phone. I. LicenceProject : Java ADB Explorer Author : Ahmet DEMIR Version 1.0 Date : May 2011 Description : Java ADB Explorer allows you to explore your Anroid Phone. under License GPL: Copyright (C) 2011 Ahmet DEMIR This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the Li

Tau10a-db - DB Project for TAU using freedb update files

Java gui for creating DB (Oracle) from freedb update files, and a recommendation system for it.

Microbridge-pic - Android Debug Bridge(ADB) imprementation for PIC microcontrollers

About this projectThis is Android Debug Bridge(ADB) imprementation for Microchip's PIC microcontrollers. This module is originally created by Niels Brouwers for Arduino with USB Host Shield. Currently,I'm porting it to PIC Microcontrollers underway,and there are still rest of things to do. These codes in this project are checked with PIC24FJ64GB002. Demo moviesDEMO : Control RC Servo arm by Android 1.6 non-rooted device. DEMO : Control Android non-rooted dev

Thrustmaster Mac OS X Driver

Mac OS X driver for the Thrustmaster Mark I (FCS/WCS/RCS) ADB joystick.

Anstop - A simple stopping watch for Android

A simple stopping watch for Android Just download the .apk Package and put it on your phone! When you have installed a previous version from Anstop on your phone and have difficulties to install it, try adb uninstall An.stop and after adb install Anstopvx.x.apk (x stands for the version number) The easier way is to download the .apk file with your phone and install Anstop right on it. If you get an error please uninstall a previous version of Anstop first. But please read and accept the license