Adaptive Stream Mining

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ADWIN is an adaptive sliding window algorithm for detecting change and keeping updated statistics from a data stream, and use it as a black-box in place or counters in learning and mining algorithms initially not designed for drifting data.



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LucidDB - RDBMS built entirely for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

LucidDB is the RDBMS built entirely for data warehousing and business intelligence. It is based on architectural cornerstones such as column-store, bitmap indexing, hash join/aggregation, and page-level multi versioning. Every component of LucidDB was designed with the requirements of flexible, high-performance data integration and sophisticated query processing in mind.

Inductive-querying - Software developed in the European project IQ (inductive querying)

Various pieces of data mining software have been developed in the European IQ project (inductive querying). This project aims to integrate this software, as well as relevant software developed by others, by adapting it to use common file formats and to make it usable from different environments such as Matlab or Python, with the eventual goal of creating a unified IQ language.


A twain library for .net written in 2005. Adapted from port on of the netMaster's c# project at: [url:.NET TWAIN image scanner|] openTwain is a library for profile based scanning from ...


The classical puzzle game Minesweeper adapted to mobile devices.

Weblogmining - My Web Log Mining Learning Project

Tittle: Adaptive Web Site Generation on Web Log Mining Author: ZongHuan Deng Begin Date: 2009-02-15

Mobileworkstation - Implement a client/server SOLUTION for mobile devices for remote workstation acc

The main objective of this project is as the title states to develop a complete solution (including software, infrastructure and services) for mobile devices. The specific objectives are the following: Create/modify a java based VNC client to allow mobile devices (mobile phones, PDAs, etc) to connect to a specific computer on the internet. Provide specialized VNC servers with Open Source based applications to use in the mobile devices. The server must be able to know the properties of the client

Space-auger - A turn based space mining game built on the XNA framework.

Space Auger is a game built on the XNA framework. It is a turn based "board game" style game. In Space Auger, you play a mining company competing for exclusive rights to mine a planet. In order to succeed you must balance mining, research, and marketing while adapting to your opponent's strengths and weaknesses. Currently in the planning phase...

BitMagic Library

BitMagic - C++ library implementing dynamic bitvectors and bit-set algorithms with several types of on-the-fly, adaptive compression. Designed for use in databases, search systems, data-mining algorithms, scientific projects.

Yeti-witch - A collection of Javascript fuzzy string searching techniques.

Yeti WitchThis project adds several well known techniques for finding strings-that-almost-match-other-strings to the native Javascript String object, some of which are phonetic algorithms. The supported list currently includes Soundex, Refined Soundex, Metaphone, Caverphone, Levenshtein distance, anagrams and Porter Stemming. All of these are primarily designed to work with the English language, although anagrams and Levenshtein are just string analysis so will work with anything. The extensions