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Adaptive Work-Centered User Interface Technology (ACUITy) utilizes semantic technology in an ontology-based approach to modeling and implementing intelligent user interfaces.



Related Projects

Dvachecker - Quantification of the static and dynamic visual acuity

With the help of Prof. Marco PELIZZONE and Jean-Philippe GUYOT working at the hospital of Geneva(Switzerland), we setup an experimental protocol allowing to accuiratly quantify the static and dynamic visual acuity of patient having vestibular problems. The project'dvachecker' includes the application 'dvachecker' and the specification allowing to setup the entire experimentation.

Sightsim - Simulation of visual defects

A Java tool for simulating visual defects in children that affect visual acuity and contrast sensitivity.

Eznotes - Developing a notepad for iPhone applications with enhanced keyboard for the dexterity impa

EZNotes:"A new and unique way to type notes while featuring a fully functional notepad which allows users to save, edit and delete notes. EZNotes is designed to assist individuals with dexterity impairment or reduced visual acuity and users who experience difficulty using the default keyboard. Users create notes using a keyboard system that provides bigger keys to ensure greater accuracy and precision. In addition, users can send their notes as an email or SMS with the touch of a button." IS3Tea

Acuity - PHP Framework

PHP Framework


Application for testing acuity and performance of human

netacuity-php - A PHP client for NetAcuity, a geoip lookup service.

A PHP client for NetAcuity, a geoip lookup service.


Fedora EZService provides a simple way to create Fedora content model service definitions and deployments (SDefs and SDeps)


ACcelerated User Interface Toolkit -- An OpenGL-accelerated Graphical User Interface written in C++