Actor Model implementation

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Transactional Entity Framework


Traceviewer - Erlang concurrency trace vizualizer

An application for looking at concurrency models in Erlang based on raw trace data. Project owners, please visit: for SVN checkout instructions.

Amarok Framework Library

This framework library is an attempt to take advantage of the actor/agent programming model for standalone desktop applications. Most of the concepts are inspired by the actor model, Microsoft Robotics CCR and the TPL Dataflow library.


The intention of the Lite framework is to support actor-based programming in .NET languages. The actor model differs from conventional object-oriented progamming in that objects communicate via asynchronous message-passing instead of method calling.

Classact - An implementation of the Actor model for concurrent processing in Python

The actor model is a programming paradigm for adding concurrency to applications, which differs greatly from the much more commonplace thread model. Information on the theory behind the model itself may be found at the Wikipedia entry for the actor model, as well as the Identify wiki entry for this project, which simplifies the background for the project as well as explains the rationale behind it and the objectives for the final system. If you are a developer who is interested in helping out on

Libactor - Actor Model Library for C

Aboutlibactor is a library for C that allows a developer to easily program with the Actor Model. Right now it is usable, although it may not be ready for production. It uses pthreads and the library handles all of threading issues, so you don’t have to worry about any of it at all. In a future version I plan to add more sandboxing to the actors, so that when one actor crashes, they don’t all go down! Right now it supports the following: Spawn actor Sending messages Broadcast message Actor me

Pysage - lightweight high-level message passing library supporting actor based concurrency

MigrationIn pysage 1.6.0, ActorManager.listen(...) and ActorManager.connect(...) only accepts keyword arguments: ActorManager.get_singleton().listen(host='localhost', port='8888')# andActorManager.get_singleton().connect(host='localhost', port='8888')Aboutpysage is a lightweight high-level message passing library supporting actor based concurrency. It also extends the "actor model" to support actor partitioning/grouping to further scalability. pysage has a simple high-level interface. Messages a

Hcis-dto - Common DTO architecture for HCIS set of projects

A new intuitive DTO architecture, that provides for: Caching - Cached event-driven business operations. Event Broadcasting - Well managed event broadcasting system with well timed flush operations. Efficient transaction Management and handling - Allows better transaction management with event broadcasting system working with cache together. Easy to use - Only takes three steps to use, for example: final Model actorModel = new Model(1L); final CreateEvent createEvent = new CreateEvent(actorModel)