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stands for Active Integrity Software, provide quick alert of elf file modifications. Based on Gnu/Linux OS, with a daemon to analyse datas give by the kernel module, written in C.



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Actiptzpy - Pure python implementation of ACTi PTZ protocol

Pure python implementation of ACTi PTZ protocol. Tested with original ACTi servers and some OEM`s like Smartec

Mazesearchki - Search method to complete a maze

Deze opdracht gaat over het zoeken naar een kortst mogelijke uitweg uit een vierkante ruimte die bezaaid is met obstakels. De ruimte kan voorgesteld worden als een rooster van locaties. Een locatie waarop zich een obstakel bevindt is ontoegankelijk voor de agent. De agent heeft zicht op de volledige ruimte en kan acht acties ondernemen, deze komen elk overeen met het bewegen van 1 locatie naar een andere in één van de acht windrichtingen. De agent kan niet op een locatie met een obstakel belan

Confuzer - Social networking privacy monitoring tool (Python + Web API)

BackgroundSocial networking websites and tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr allow individuals to share information globally and nearly instantaneously. For individuals comfortable with this exposure (hereafter referred to as social-beacons), these tools can benefit their ability to network or find information of interest to them. However, it is possible that individuals who do not care to expose their private information (social-cloakers) may be exposed by those individuals who are acti

Acti-flow - workflow engine

a workflow engine �行第一个测试: 1)下载 2)Import 为eclipse工程。 5)OK。你�以�行src目录中的Test Case了。 QQ交�群:139064838 文档更新中。。。。

Elephantnotes - Don't ever forget!

Actie development for this program has stopped. An easy and powerful way to keep track of your thoughts, ideas, and records. All information (might be) available in an instant using Google's great searching and sorting techniques.

Codeformatterpluginforwindowslivewriter - Steve Dunn's Code Formatter Plugin for Window Live Wri

Code Formatter Plugin for Windows Live Writer This is the home of the Code Formatter Plugin for Windows Live Writer. This plugin formats and highlights source code, scripts, or anything else that has identifiers that can be coloured. Features:Uses different formatting 'engines'; in this release you get the choice of using ActiPro's CodeHighlighter or Alex Gorbatchev SyntaxHighlighter 2.0Can place the output into Windows Live Writer as either HTML or Images.Effects can be applied to images, such

Uptimeweb - See which of your machines (or your friends') has the highest uptime! See it in acti

Uptime consists of two parts: - a native client (available for unix and windows) which reads your computer's uptime value and sends it to the server - a server which registers the uptime values of all the computers in the system and shows a ranking of computers according to their uptime You can use uptime simply to monitor the uptime status of your machines, or as a game. Do your friends' computers have more uptime than yours? See it in action at !

Gunk - Guice style dependency injection for Actionscript 3.0

This project was created in order to get Guice style dependency injection in ActionScript 3 projects. It tries to mirror Guice's behavior and style whenever possible. Guice is a Java dependency injection framework developed by Google (see Not all features of Guice have been implemented in Gunk. Raise an issue if you want any feature to be included. ActionScript 3 has quite a few limitations when it comes to annotations (or as most Acti

Libpuremvc - LibPureMVC is a porting version of PureMVC with all APIs are similar to PureMVC in Acti

PureMVC is an excellent framework for Action Script which uses MVC design pattern inside. LibPureMVC is a porting version with all APIs are the same to PureMVC in Action Script 3 version. LibPureMVC also supports thread-safe, singleton/multiton versions and all API base on standard STL library. Announcement:LibPureMVC (PureMVC C++) become to the main port of PureMVC OrgSee: for .NET 4.0 supports multiton is released as a branched of LibPureMVC. Spring.