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AssaultCube is a FREE, multiplayer, first-person shooter game, based on the CUBE engine. Taking place in realistic environments, with fast, arcade gameplay, it's addictive and fun! With efficient bandwidth usage, it's low-latency and can even run over a 56Kbps connection. It's tiny too, weighing in at a lightweight 40 MB package available for Windows, Mac and Linux. On the correct settings, it can even run on old hardware (Pentium III and above). See more @



Related Projects

Cofe - Charmelf.Owlcn.Fighting.Emulator

A 2D Fighting game Emulator, A study project to simulate MUGEN. This program is written in C++, Based on SDL, Lua, and so on. Welcome to email me : COFE 是一个2D格斗游�模拟程�,一个�考了 MUGEN 结构的学习实验性质的工程。 如果对此项目感兴趣,欢迎和我们�系,大家一起研究。

Oozewars - GMU Game Design Class Project

A gladiator pit of sentient blobs, battling to the death.

Nosoftware - No Software

This is the main source code project for all programming done by me under the title No Software. I wanted to have a single place to keep all my miscellaneous source code, and this is it.

Mononet - An extremely lightweight framework for action game networking in Java.

OverviewMononet is a lightweight framework that provides an UDP based protocol dedicated to fast action games. It aims to offer a simple interface for communications in multiplayer games, where actuality of most of sent data has a higher priority than its reliability. The framework further provides the possibility to create multiple reliable connections per remote host and port identified by a connection id. The framework is presently under development and should not yet used in projects. Factsd

Petomancer - Rpg game, creature creator, world editor

Features(ToDO): Open source wiki world, everyone will be able to alter the world Officer system, players will become "admins" at the specified area, depending on their creations, votes from other users, or if another "admin" provides him permission for his area.Since it will be a hierarchical system it will be hard to abuse. Create your own pet by drawing it, create its animations, merge them with other pet and allow RNG GOD to do its miracle Emphasis on randomization : When designing your creat

Mar1 - another horizontal scroll action game

MAR is another horizontal scroll action game. RoadmapMAR1.0 ... initial stable release MAR10.1 ... Release Candidate 1 (target date: Mar 10, 2010) SUPER MAR10.1 ... Release to manufacturing ??? Profit! How To DevelopDownload and install Visual C++ 2008 Express from Download and install DirectX SDK from Download and install TortoiseSVN from Checkout MAR project from

ActionGame - Actiongame with java

Actiongame with java

Action-Game - Two player Action Game in c++ openGL using only basic computer graphics algorithms

Two player Action Game in c++ openGL using only basic computer graphics algorithms