Automatic Cover Tool

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The 'Automatic Cover Tool' software will process your MP3, OGG and FLAC files collection and download missed cover images. Album art images are downloaded and saved as image file and/or as image tag in every MP3, OGG and FLAC file in album.



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Janhoo - web based jukebox written in java

Collection of tools and classes for music management, intends to reimplentate ampache/mp3act in java

Mkv2mp4 - Remux mkv files to mp4 files compatible with various standalone players

Python script which acts as a wrapper around mkvtoolnix, ffmpeg, and GPAC to convert mkv video files to MP4 files which will play on standalone players (in particular the Xbox 360 and PS3). Tested on Linux only, though should work on other platforms.

Daex - An audio extractor and encoder (wave, mp3, ogg) from DVD Video titles.

The program is an audio extractor and encoder: it interfaces with the DVD device, reads from a DVD Video, and allows the user to extract any audio track from any title/chapter, and encode it in wave, mp3 or ogg. It acts as a frontend to some command-line tools like MPlayer or Lame. It uses libdvdread to read a DVD. This project started as a university project, and now is being adapted for a public release (and maybe for an adding of new functionalities).

mp3act web mp3 ajax jukebox

mp3act Digital Music Server is a PHP and MySQL driven mp3 web-based jukebox for playing music locally or streaming music to anywhere in the world. It utilizes AJAX and web standards to create an incredible user experience. AudioScrobbler support too.


A web utility to browse and play mp3s on a remote computer dedicated to be a music jukebox, implemented using PHP and Perl. The Glirnath does not stream mp3s to the local computers, but rather acts as a remote agent to play music on the server itself.

Moodle-flv-player - FLV Player plugin for Moodle

New! Upgrade to the Media Player module for even more interactivity FLV Player plugin for Moodle Play videos in Moodle on the JW FLV Player 5.0 with the FLV Player module wizard!Version 1.1The FLV Player provides an easy, reliable way for developers and non-developers alike (i.e. teachers, trainers and course content developers) to deploy a variety of different video formats as learning interactions in Moodle. Please note: This module is now version 1.1. Although there may still be a few bugs th

Parsesharer - Client-Server-Applikation die Logdateien (im speziellen von Everquest 2) mit reguläre

ParseSharer ist ein Computerprogramm, das lokale Logdateien, idR. von netzwerkfähigen Multiplayerspielen wärend der Laufzeit dieser nach Regulären Ausdrücken durchsucht und bei erfolgreichen Funden (Trigger) über einen Server, zu dem das Programm und andere Mitspieler per Netzwerk verbunden sind, diese über den Fund visuell oder/und akustisch informiert. Da die Wurzeln der Enstehung des Programms sich in dem MMORPG Everquest II befinden, gibt es dahingehend auch eine tiefergehende Speziali

Nostaljia - NostaJia Java 2D Game Engine

NostalJia is a free, open-source project of 2D Java Game Engine focused in ease-of-use and also in performance. the idea is to easely reproduce old fashioned games, to make 2D games using today's technology. We are also creating free games that still in development. Soon the downloads will be released with the compiled engine and more games. The name NostalJia is a mix of the word nostaljia and the word Java (the language used to make the engine), so the name was born! The engine is in early sta

Freemp3fordroid - Open Source MP3 Encoder for Android

An open source, free: meaning Gratis, and Libre. Meaning free as in beer, and free as in speech. MP3 conversion library for developers to use in their Android apps. A free app is distributed in the Android marketplace. Instructions: Instruct your users to download the pname:org.freemp3droid . Then, use the following code: Intent intent = new Intent("org.freemp3droid.CONVERT");intent.putExtra("convertFile", "rawFile.pcm");intent.putExtra("sampleRate",44100);intent.putExtra("bitRate",192);startAct

Ipod-get - A tool to index music on iPods to enable selective actions

WhyI've created ipod-get because I was frustrated with not being able to get some music from a friend's iPod at work. While trying to figure out why this was not a simple drag'n'drop, I realized that the files on the iPod are simple .mp3's organized into an ugly tree structure folder that is only meaningful with the iTunesDB index structure. So, basically, if I could put some meaning into the ugly names (F0X/.mp3) to know which where the files I wanted to get from the iPod, I could then selectiv