Asus Laptop Extras

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NOTE: Bug tracker moved at NOTE. This project is a Linux kernel driver that allows owners of Asus laptops to use all the functionality of their computers such as special keys, special LEDs, brightness control,



Related Projects

Eee-ubuntu-support - ubuntu support for the Asus EEE-PC

This project is not maintained anymore (I sold my eeepc). Please drop me a message ( if you want to be a maintainer. EEE-PC Support in Ubuntu/Gutsy:small fonts, no compiz, fullscreen apps... wifi (based on madwifi) hotkeys overclocking to 900Mhz (using the eee module) webcam suspend-to-ram (WARNING: some users reported that the eee may wake-up if you unplug the power cord while suspended, and even wake up for no reason, and then it may cause heat damage: you should shutdow

Acpi-eeepc-generic - A simple ACPI event handler for the Asus EeePC series

acpi-eeepc-genericSimple ACPI event handler for the EeePC line: Model agnostic Many On Screen Display (OSD) options: libnotify (GTK) knotify (KDE) dzen2 none Allow multiple commands to be executed for a single keypress Depends only on vanilla kernel features ("eeepc_laptop" and "rfkill" kernel module): no need to use a custom kernel or hacked kernel module. Should be present in vanilla kernel (tested with 2.6.28.*) Helper scripts for: Suspend to ram Wifi on/off Bluetooth on/off (full support wit