Autonomic Computing Library

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This framework will simplify the development of Autonomic Computing Systems.



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Webmin module for managing Posix Access Control Lists (ACLs) on files and directories.

Firewall Builder

Firewall Builder is a GUI firewall management application for iptables, PF, Cisco ASA/PIX/FWSM, Cisco router ACL and more. Firewall configuration data is stored in a central file that can scale to hundreds of firewalls managed from a single UI.

JEDI API Library amp; Security Code Library

The JWA library aims to provide a conversion from C to Delphi of as many headers as possible from the PSDK etc. The JWSCL (security library) is an advanced object-oriented framework for programming with the Windows security features (ACL, Tokens, etc.)


WackoWiki is a light and easy to install multilingual Wiki-engine. Supports WYTIWYG-editing, page rights (ACLs), design themes (skins), file upload, email notification and much more. Compatible with PHP5 and MySQL.

xinco - Document Management System, DMS

xinco [eXtensibe INformation COre] is a powerful Web-Service based Information and Document Management System (DMS) for files, text, URLs and contacts, featuring ACLs, versioning, full text search, an FTP-like client (easy install, J2EE+MySQL/PostgreSQL)


Offers a TKinter graphical user interface to the management of ACLs.

acl9 - Yet another role-based authorization system for Rails

Yet another role-based authorization system for Rails

joomla flexupload

Possibility of multiple file uploads in backend as well as frontend using a flex uploader. The component gives administrators features to manage permissions based on Joomla-ACL and filetypes as well as several folders (e.g. per user). Native J.v1.5

CaseBox - Content management platform Manage records, tasks, files.

CaseBox is a platform to build a content management system for managing records, tasks and files. It supports ACLs, Task management, Full text search, Monitoring, Import legacy data and lot more.

OpenProdoc - ECM Document Management System

OpenProdoc is an ECM Document Management system. - Supports definition of document types and folder types with inheritance. - Portable, J2EE and thick client Distributions. - Multidatabase - Administration complete with posibility of delegation. - Complete security with ACL and authentication against several systems simultaneouly.