Accountability for .NET

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Accountability for .NET enables programmers to create accounting applications through an easy to use API. It's written in C# 3.0 and uses the Provider pattern, so you can extend it with your own provider.



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Personal Accounting

Personal system for managing financial accounts, which supports multiple accounts in different currencies. It has movement imputation and basic queries on them. I plan to develop statistical queries and projections. It's developed in C# 2008 Express and uses SQLite v3.

Accounting Bills & Renting Managment

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accounting - solution to financial and accounting issues

solution to financial and accounting issues

Gnucash - Accounting Software

GnuCash allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register, it is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports. It supports Double entry accounting, Stock/Bond/Mutual Fund Accounts, Small-Business Accounting.

Financial Accounting

This project is discussion on how to model financial accounting with relation data structure

skinbit - [Vaporware] Personal financial accounting tool for non-financiers

[Vaporware] Personal financial accounting tool for non-financiers

expenses - Rails app: financial accounting

Rails app: financial accounting

OpenERP - Open Source Business Applications

OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management, Human Resources, Point of Sale, Accounting, Purchase, Marketing and lot more. It has over 700 OpenERP modules available on Launchpad. The package contains OpenERP server, web client and GTK client.

Deskera - CRM, ERP, Project Management and HRMS

Deskera Customer Relationship Management offers a web based CRM solution that provides your organization with a single view of your customers and helps automate critical sales processes with Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Campaign management. Deskera HRMS provides you real-time, customizable and easy-to-use features for paperless Recruitment, Performance Appraisals, easy Payroll management, Timesheet, HRIS and more.

Academic Success Accounting System

The system is intended to use by school teacher to set marks to students and estimate their academic success and possibilities. The client application uses SQL Server Compact as data store and WPF user interface.

denaro : simple personal accounting

A simple personal financial accounting / budgeting tool. Uses double entry bookkeeping. This is 'the application fomerly known as cMonex' :) Based on the sourceforge delphi project monex

DailyCashManager - Envelope budgeting application

A desktop application for individuals and households to keep a record of their financial transactions, and manage their finances using envelope budgeting.


Dual accounting core functionality: Assisted establishing new accounts, Localized scheme templates, Standard reports in plain text and HTML, Assisted opening the next financial year, Accounting example as a demo, All pure Python, License GPL.

SYMBOL (Surf Your Money Books On Line)

SYMBOL brings double entry financial accounting to your web browser. Includes Debtors, Creditors, Payroll, Timesheets, budgeting and multi-dimensional accounting. Using Apache, Perl and PostgreSQL with extra features including text versions of reports.

ADempiere - ERP Business Suite

ADempiere is an open source ERP business suite. It has full support for Maintenance Management, Project Management, Manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), POS, ecommerce, Human Resource, Accounting, Sales and Purchasing. It is well integrated with OLAP Business Intelligence, Financial Reporting and JasperReports.


This Ruby on Rails(TM) web application is a financial record keeping, accounting and reporting personal finance application aimed at individuals with relatively simple financial strategies.

Accounting-Library- - There are over 25 functions created, to calculate different financial formulas

There are over 25 functions created, to calculate different financial formulas

AjContabPhp - Simple Accounting/General Ledger system, in PHP/MySQL

Simple Accounting/General Ledger system, in PHP/MySQL

Netacct Mysql

Traffic monitoring daemon. Uses libpcap to collect accounting info. Works on linux, freebsd, openbsd, solaris. Accounting information is stored in mySQL. Support per hour statistics. Web interface included