Abuse 2 for DirectX/SDL

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Abuse 2, sequel to the 1995 masterpiece from Crack dot Com




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Linkzerver - The linkZerver PHP P2P link exchanger

The linkZerver is designed as a single file PHP script that allows webmasters to have a self-managing always up to date link exchange.The exchange network is self-discovering and has built-in anti-abuse functions. Uses an SQLite backend.This project is current in development phase, and any available code is sure to be buggy. Not to worry though, we're working on it!

Hackstop - A simple monitoring system that takes action to stop systematic hacking attempts

The problem: Only a tiny fraction of hacking attempts are ever reported, only a small number of those are traced and very few hackers are ever caught. Amateur hackers need to be detered from following a life of net crime.The solution: Get more incidents reported and capture the evidence required to persue action against the hacker.How hackstop helps: It monitors the entry point (in future points) and identifies suspiscious activity. When that activity passes a certain thresholds it reports the a

Jabberwalky - Deprecated - see JabberMarshall instead.

Besides protecting against certain room abuses, the bot also accepts remote commands to ban, mute, un-mute etc.http://jabberwalky.googlecode.com/files/downloadv3.zip To run, download the distribution zip file, unzip it, and configure it... this means that you make a copy of the example-connection.properties file and edit it to match the connection you want to use. In the run.bat file, you must look at line #2 and change the connection.properties file path to match where you'll be putting your sp

Wpfinger - Wordpress Plugin Fingerprinter

wpfinger is a tool that can analyze the Wordpress plugin repository and generate signatures based on diffs between each version of the plugin. It can then use these signatures to scan a website running Wordpress, and detect the presence of any plugin in the repository as well as infer the installed version. wpfinger is written in Python, and expects Python 2.5 or above. To use the repository checkout feature, you must also have subversion installed. This tool is only intended for legal uses. I a

Plurklib - Python implementation of the official Plurk API

A Python implementation of the official Plurk API. Plurk is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates (otherwise known as plurks) through short messages or links, which can be up to 140 text characters in length. It released an official API in December 2009. This project aims to produce a Python library, which can use Plurk programmatically using the API. Using this API is also subject to Plurk's terms and conditions. Please don't abuse the API and Plu

Django-moderaptor - content moderation and reporting

ModeraptorModeraptor provides simple moderation of content on community driven websites using Django. FeaturesReporting widgetUsers can quickly report any violation or abuse, selecting one of the abuse reasons defined by you. Quick moderation widgetAny object reported for moderation is possible to quickly moderate in-place. If you are a moderator, you see a quickmod form in the same place where the reporting form is. Offensive words blacklistSimple blacklist with a template filter you can use wh

Joailib - Java OAI library

AboutJoailib tries to be an easy to use java library for OAI metadata harvesting. it follows the OAI-PMH v2 spec, that you can find here FeaturesSupport for OAI-PMH v2. Automatic resumptionToken processing. Harvest downloading. Recovery from 503 Service Unavailable in a non abusive way. ExamplesSetting up an OAI repository Harvester harvester = new Harvester("http://catarina.udlap.mx/u_dl_a/tales/oai/requestETD.jsp");Identifying Identify identify = harvester.identify(); System.out.println(identi

Codetrunk - Snippet sharing and debugging tool

Codetrunk.com is a platform for sharing code snippets with friends, co-workers, pepole on irc channels and, in fact, with everyone on the Internet. Codetrunk is my little project for making a better pastebin, with the abbility of commenting on trunks (or bins), revising and so on. The main idea was to implement a better syntax highlighter (SyntaxHighlighter) with a prettier (but heavier) interface, something which pastebin was lacking. Codetrunk is also an effort of mine to improve my php coding

Zorde - Zordania: Data Engine

Site permettant la gestion d'information pour le jeu ZordaniaTrajet de contournement vers une cible Référencement des Joueurs/Ennemis/Alliances/... Recherche sur carte/tableau par joueur/empire/... Gestion des productions pour le grenier & commerce Script GreaseMonkey simplifiant les manipulations Simulateur de combat et assistance à la création d'une légion Introduction i18n etc... Pré-requis (serveur):php 5 ou supérieur mysql 5 ou supérieur bibliothèque GD 2 (généralement fournit av

Sanaviron - A GTK+ Canvas

What is Sanaviron?The Sanaviron Project is an 2D drawing engine fully written in Python for represent composite vector graphics. This is essentially a GTK+ Cairo based canvas. The effort focuses mainly on the design of budgets, invoices, labels and many other types of commercial documents. Sanaviron offers a simple but powerful high level API that you can implement in their programs. This widget can be used for flexible display of graphics and/or creating documents interactively. Sanaviron is a