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Related Projects

Congress-explorer - Congress Explorer - Powered by Sunlight Labs API

OverviewThe Congress Explorer is an open-source platform aimed at searching and exporting data about the Congress members. The Congress Explorer leverages the Sunlight Labs API. It provides a rich user-interface to perform complex searches on legislators: by name by title (Senator, Representative,...) by political party by gender by location (state, district) by contacts (Twitter, Bioguide, ...) ExportSearch results can be exported in different formats: PDF documents Excel worksheets DemoA Flash

Haines - Assorted python machine learning stuff

This is basically a dumping ground for the code that I develop for my research. Unlike some researchers I am a firm believer that all source code must be published. Saying this I often omit the code that generated a papers results, simply because I don't have the bandwidth to distribute the data sets or the time to clean up what is often a horrific mess. Regardless, the actual algorithm is always available for people to run their own experiments with, and if you request testing code from me I'll

Aionsharp - Aion# - Aion Private Server Emulator

Aion# is an Aion private server emulator, written in C#. It is designed to be fast, lightweight, and is coded to be "nclike" (get it, like blizzlike, but for aion? : D). Aion# is an open source project that started around the dawn of 2010. We felt that other projects, such as aion emu(which, by the way, is the absolutely worst packaged java application ever created) were either slow, buggy, "fat", or the likes. We decided to go with C# because it will eliminate start up time and should have abso