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AbcExplorationLib is a library to read and write ActionScript Byte Code (ABC) files. When completed it could be used for compiled program analysis or as part the back end of an experimental compiler. It is written in F# but it could be used from other .NET languages.



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A simple tool for working with F# interactive.

fsharp - The F# compiler, core library and core tools (open source edition)

The F# compiler, core library and core tools (open source edition)

Stocks Application

This is technical demo to apply F-Sharp (F#) language in real world application. This application is close to real world enterprise application (with very optimal solutions, at least in 2011). The function of this application is to get Stock Quote Data and Historical Stoc...

Fs-Indexing - A full text indexing library for .NET

This is a library for indexing text content. It's based on Lucene.NET (and attempts to hide some of the ugly), built in F#.


Library for working with C#/F# expressions (System.Linq.Expressions, Microsoft.FSharp.Quotations). Building expressions, converting C# expressions to F# expressions, active patterns for C# expressions, expression evaluation, ect.

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Twitter library / desktop client in F# / .NET Maximillian Martin -

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Laboratoire de recherche sur le jeux vidéo

Fsharp-boids - An implementation of the Boids simulation in F#

The idea is to start out with a simple Boids simulation and make it more and more full featured and complex. Some of the things that will be explored are computational geometry algorithms, distributed and parallel programming while remaining as true as possible to the functional programing ideals.