ABC for Unix

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quot;ABC for Unixquot; is a port of the famous BitTorrent client quot;ABCquot; to *nix operating systems.



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abc2esac - Convert ABC to EsAC formatIntroductionabc2esac converts music from ABC format into EsAC (Essen Associative Code) format. It makes use of two components of the Melisma project to segment the converted melodies into phrases: Meter and Grouper. FeaturesBecause the EsAC format has less expressive power than ABC, only a subset of the information stored in ABC format is actually transferred into EsAC code. Currently, abc2esac recognizes the following ABC features: subset of ABC version 1.6,

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The computer program does not contains only source code that is turned into binary or byte code but also operating system environment, logging, external libraries, execution sequence, user input (command line arguments). You have to set all of these values correctly, otherwise the program cannot be run perfectly. System and User PropertiesSome Java program need some values from system properties and/or user properties. You can see available system properties with this single line of code. System

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Serverside ActionScript solution for Apache Http ServerThis software enables ActionScript 3 active web pages. Currently, there are server-side solutions for creating web-apps using most programming languages, from C/C++ to JavaScript or C#. This solution allows building web applications using the very flexible and yet powerful language ActionScript. It is based on Tamarin virtual machine, which is available as open source. This solution currently comes as a FastCGI implementation and has been te

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NotchMaking things happen on your network equipmentWhat is it?Notch is web service and (Python) client library which makes it easy to do stuff on your switches, routers and other network equipment. You can use it to build powerful, automated network management applications. It can support anything with a command-line interface and provides a consistent API for multi-vendor access. What can I do with it?Supporting the command-line (craft) interfaces of equipment from leading network equipment ven

Haxejvm - Adding a java bytecode generating backend to the haXe compiler.

An attempt to compile the HaXe programming language to JVM readable byte code. The HaXe Project started by Nicolas Cannasse was originally intended to provide an abstraction over different web platforms in form of a single, flexible language which targeted multiple platforms, meaning the same source code would be compiled into different representations depending on what was expected by the target platform. Initially, HaXe targeted two major Internet browser technologies ( JavaScript Runtime and

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Table of content: DesignDescriptionAlgorithmsDesign patternsDirectory structureBuildRunning unit testsRunDependenciesTODOFuture enhancementUsefull resources DesignDescriptionTODO AlgorithmsUpdate: Ze względu na fakt, że poprzednia wersja, znajdowała cykle tam gdzie ich nie było zmieniłem implementacje. Znajdowanie cykli obecnie jest zaimplementowane jako iteracyjne wyszukiwanie DFS. Ten algorytm jest poprawny, przydałoby się jednak zmodyfikować go na wersję iteracyjną. std::vector<std:

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Nginx:0.7.63 PHP:5.2.10 MySQL:5.1.35 Zend Optimizer :3.3.9 eaccelerator: 使用说明: 1.执行命令 wget -c 2.tar zxvf lnmp0.7-full.tar.gz lnmp0.7-full/ 4../ 如果系统预安装Apahce或你已�安装Apache,请先�行yum remove httpd,删除Apache� 登陆Linux,下载LNMP压缩包,并解压. (一些朋��能�知�怎么弄,登陆VPS或者主机, 执行命令 wget

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abc is a compiler for the [B Programming Language](\)) that targets x86_32 processors. It is currently tested under Linux but should work (or at least be easily ported) to other UNIX-like systems. The code is based on an early C compiler (last1120c) by Dennis Ritchie.