Abbot Java GUI Testing Framework

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Abbot is a simple framework for unit and functional testing of Java GUIs. Facilitates generating user actions and examining component state. Supports recording and playback on any Java application.



Related Projects


Framework for testing Eclipse RCP Applications. It can run both Unit and Functional tests. Essentially, it is an Eclipse Plugin which provides Fitnesse extension to run unit and acceptance tests. It uses JUnit for unit testing and Abbot for GUI tests.

abbot - SproutCore Build Tools

SproutCore Build Tools

Testng-abbot - TestNG integration with GUI-testing framework Abbot

TestNG integration with GUI-testing framework Abbot. NoteDevelopment of this project has stopped. Now we support JUnit as well and have created the new project FEST (Fixtures for Easy Software Testing).

Swtagent - SWT testing agent

A plugin for eclipse base application, that enable GUI operation control of the application. Once install on the eclipse application you can now control it using XML-RPC. XML-RPC Java client is provided. The Java client is based on JSystem. Test exampleThere are 2 ways to write tests. One is code based using SystemTestCase (junit extention), the other using GUI is based on Ant file. Code optionpublic void testCreateFile(){\tswtRobot.selectMenuItem("&File/&New\tAlt+Shift+N/File");\tswtRobot.waitF

Swtfinder - find swt control in eclipse

What is SWTFinderIsSWTFinder is used to find swt control in eclipse views and editors. Using this tool, you can automatically locate any control in eclipse view/editor. The API can be used in both UI thread and non-UI thread. Is NOTSWTFinder is just a control finder. Currenlty, it does not provide any function to drive UI actions. And I don't plan to provides such functionality in future version. ContainsSWTFinder contains the following two parts: swtfinder core plug-in that provides the core ja


M2Crypto Extensions


Scripts to build a patched SwingLibrary with a different version of Abbot. A bit crude, doesn't need Maven.


M2Crypto SVN repository clone


A tool for facilitating interoperability among XML-encoded text collections.

abbot - Wokkel-based XMPP bot for personal assistance

Wokkel-based XMPP bot for personal assistance