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Aardvark is an Ajax engine that allows variables to be transferred between Client and Server applications without disrupting the GUI




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Aardvark-concordance - Concordance for Project Aardvark

Project Aardvark was an attempt at indexing Express Metrics Data. A Concordance is a list of keywords each of which has a list of instances where each keyword was noticed within the larger body of text. You can download the sample data from python2.wordpress.com upon becoming a Subscriber.

Aardvarktopsitesphp - Aardvark Topsites PHP

Aardvark Topsites PHP is a PHP/MySQL script that allows websites to join and be ranked by their popularity. Among its many features are:* Counts pageviews, hits in, and hits out* Google-friendly links* Robust anti-cheating protection* Members' ranks can be shown on their buttons* 100% customizable skins* Powerful and efficient admin area* Easy installation* Free support

Jvark - Java/XMPP library for Aardvark

A small library which uses the Google GTalk service to interact with popular Aardvark (vark.com) service. The library uses the popular Smack library for Java/XMPP communication. Setup the Vark connection with your gmail address. final Vark vark = new Vark("abc@gmail.com", "hello");Set message listener vark.setListener(new VarkMessageListener() { public void messageReceived(String message) { try { System.out.println("Vark Message: " + message); if (message.contains("pass")) { vark.pass(); } } cat


Browser based continuous integration(schedulable build) tool for projects residing in cvs repositories, and build using the apache ant.

Carbon-state-machine - Lagniappe based Replicated State Machine

Lagniappe based Replicated State Machine - Throughput of existing BFT RSMs reduces drastically in presence of byzantine faults. Even a single faulty node can render the system unusable. - Aardvark is a new BFT protocol which aims to provide high performance in presence of faults by optimizing the cases where Byzantine faults are common. - Combining ideas of Aardvark with Lagniappe would yield a better performant system in presence of Byzantine faults. Related Projects Lagniappe - http://code.goo

Aardvark - Aardvark is a library that makes it dead simple to create actionable bug reports.

Aardvark is a library that makes it dead simple to create actionable bug reports.

Aardvark - Aardvark Gibraltar

Aardvark Gibraltar

Aardvark - Aardvark for building project with Ant and Gosu

Aardvark for building project with Ant and Gosu

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