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A760 includes the GPL'd sources of Motorolas A760 Linux smartphone




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Chipworld - Chip World - A Chip's Challenge clone

Chip World is a clone of the game Chip's Challenge (windows version) written in C. Chip World uses CHIPS.DAT from Chip's Challenge to load levels, so that file must be present to play. You may also use any third party level pack for Chip's Challenge, although those are not guaranteed to work correctly. The reason for that is that many level packs seems to exploit glitches/bugs in Chip's Challenge, sometimes very rare and specific ones, and Chip World doesn't try to emulate all those glitches. Ch


Programación para Gemei X760+, Dingoo A320 y otros cacharros que usen el Ingenic JZ47XX.

J2memetronome - J2ME Metronome - A Powerful metronome to J2ME devices

Moved to GithubJ2ME Metronome at Github ENGLISH A Powerful metronome to J2ME devices. Notes version 2.0 For now we support only Sony Ericsson. Nokia devices have a bad perfomance with native synthesizer. Supported devices J2ME Metronome have three different versions: Midsized (128X160) Luxury (176X220) QVGA (240X320) J2ME Metronome Midsized Edition is avaliable to Sony Ericsson devices: Sony Ericsson F500i Sony Ericsson K310i Sony Ericsson K320i Sony Ericsson K320i Sony Ericsson K320i Sony Erics

Mosquino - Open-source Arduino-based energy harvesting development kit

Mosquino is a software-compatible derivative of the open-source Arduino platform that is designed for extremely low power consumption, operating from ambient (harvested) environmental energy sources such as heat, sunlight and vibration. (Or coincells, if you’re not feeling adventurous.) It operates from 1.8 ~ 3.3V, with a target quiescent power consumption of <1uA including realtime clock. This project's homepage is at http://tim.cexx.org/?page_id=760

Css-thaikiet - css

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Fmrigrocer - kits that you may be interested in during fMRI data analysis

Grocer V2.0 Please always download the latest version!Enter ' fmri_grocer ' in the MATLB Command window to start this toolbox!Caution: Delete the old versions when you try to use the latest version! This toolbox contains many kinds of kits that you may be interested in during fMRI data analysis. These kits have been separated into many pull-down menus (So far, 10 menus) as below: This toolbox is a homebrew tool that I wrote during my own ASL(arterial spin labeling)-based CBF(Cerebral Blood Flow)

Cangcut - hiber

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Zognc - zogna nds calculator

zognc 完全å…�费的NDS计算器 zogna nds calculator is FREE NDS Applications!!!!! 如果您对此软件有任何建议或BUG,欢迎邮箱è�”系,此软件永久å…�费测试通过:R4,DSTT,AK2,AK2i,M3DSR,Hyper-R4i,EZ5,DSone,EZ5i,DSTT 1.17A02和娇娘,R4å’ŒDSTTçš„DSISION版内核(THANKS)感谢:revolution http://r4ds.uueasy.com 掌家,雷å�” http://www.yayabo.cn Lightning http://forum.tgbus.com Another World http://gbatemp.net fish2299 当å‰�主è¦�功能1.常规表è

Mirandapilot - Сборка Miranda IM Pilot Pack

Miranda IM Pilot Pack 7.6.0 Скачать Опи�ание �борки | Скриншоты | Задать вопро� | Полезна� информаци� | Wiki | Помочь проекту Опи�аниеMiranda IM Pilot Pack – �то �борка на базе мультипротокольного клиента Miranda IM. Сборка поддерживает почти в�е наиболее попул�рные протоколы (ICQ, Jabber и т.д.), а так же поп