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Django-compressor - Django application that automates compressing/regouping/compiling of any kind of

Project summarydjango-compressor was inspired by django-compress and planned as its fork, but several architecture disatvantages made me to write fully new application. Compressor allows to define regrouped/postcompiled content "on the fly" inside of django template and output it as inline content, or as static cached file/url with versioning. PurposeThe main purpose for this app is to enable of using of content compilers at develop time in transparent fashion. Because i hate to jump between syn

Erau-droidsat-framework - An open source framework for use on Android based devices used in COTS sat

The ERAU droidsat framework is part of the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott, AZ campus Spacecraft Detail Design effort to develop a commercial off the shelf (COTS) satellite test bed. The droidsat framework is currently designed using Android 3.2 (Honeycomb). The software design is highly modular to ease the work required for future satellite design iterations. The Onboard Computer subsystem (OBC) controls, monitors, and logs the status of the system. This subsystem also executes

Pyh - A powerful python module to generate HTML code from a python script

Code your webpage like a GUI! PyH allows you to simply generate HTML pages from within your python code in an object-oriented fashion. Each HTML tag is an object that can be modified at any time. The HTML tags are neatly output so that the sources of your HTML files are human-readable. Check the Wiki for documentation. File bug reports and feature requests at http://launchpad.net/pyh Get PyHDownload the latest version of pyh from the Download tab or directly from here PyH-0.1.1.tar.gz Quick exam

Twiddle - A TweetRemote spinoff in Python, with customizable macros and (soon) identi.ca support.

IntroductionWhat is twiddle, and how does it work?twiddle is highly inspired by TweetRemote (props to Elliot Swan for the great idea and execution), and shares the basic functionality: Your twitter feed -> twiddle -> Blog-friendly feed. With both twiddle and TweetRemote, you can post to your twitter in a certain fashion, and it gets converted into its HTML-formatted equivalent (whether it's a link, image, or piece of text), ready to be parsed and presented by your web application. But twiddle is

Bourre - Bourre is a trick based card game originating in Louisiana

Bourre or Boo-Ray is a trick based card game originating in Louisiana.It is similar in play to Spades and Euchre. Like many card games the rules vary from game to game.A typical Bourre game goes like this. An ante is placed into the pot by all players. The dealer deals 5 cards to each player. After dealing and before looking at his cards, the dealer is flips face up one of his cards to determine the trump suite that will be used by everyone during the game. At this point each of the players deci

Mulefaces - Visual and server component API for extending and customizing mule containers

Overview - What are Mulefaces?The goal of the MuleFaces project is provide developers with a modular API for building SOA oriented applications and to provide end users the ability to compose and deploy such applications easily within an ESB environment. Specifically the goals of the MuleFaces project are: RAD framework for building SOA GUI Applications in a modular and extensible fashion - from simple wizards, to applets, and all the way to full blown applications GUI Applications should have e

Thehostilecorporation - A Monopolistic Game

The Hostile Corporation A Monopolistic Game The major point of such a game is to get us working together right off the bat, so that we can learn to cooperative program in a group. I think you will find this game idea interesting, I know I do so far. This game uses a single background thread so that data are being updated whilst you play. In this fashion, it is a real-time command-line game. Here is the basic idea: You are the CEO of the Hostile Corporation, a corporation which manufactures a ver

Twittline - twitt by your terminal

>> ABOUT TWITTLINE Twittline is a Twitter client for GNU/Linux,Windows and MacOS-X systems created to twitt by your terminal and released under GPL licence (v.3) thinked and developed by Andrea Stagi.It's written in Python using Tweepy libs (http://github.com/joshthecoder/tweepy) distribuited under MIT licence, a GPL-compatible licence. Follow the next steps to install and use correctly Twittline. >> HOW CONTRIBUTE TO TWITTLINE'S DEVELOP It's very very very important for me that you report all t

Ojs - An object oriented approach to managing Javascript for (Ruby on Rails) web sites.

OJS is a library that allows you to deal with individual 'components' (like a login form, a div representing a comment, a grid, etc.) on a page as objects, with classes, inheritance and all that OOP goodness. StateALPHA 0.000000001 IntroductionFor a nice introduction, see WhyOJS and Guide. For a dense and jargon-filled introduction, see below. Executive SummaryOstensibly, this simply means separating the "behavior" layer of your page from the structural HTML itself, much like CSS separates the v

Fasta-expander - Expands a FASTA alignment containing pseudonucleotides

This program expands a fasta alignment containing pseudonucleotids, in a cartesian-product fashion so the resulting alignment contains only real nucleotides (A, T/U, C, G). Python version 2.x is required. The source code is NOT compatible with Python 3.x. This project belongs to FuDePAN.