a2z - Web-based address book

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A?Z is a simple and efficient web-based contact management software that runs on PHP and MySQL. You can use it to replace your phonebook or even use it as an office-wide phone directory. It is all yours to decide!




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Revex - C# regex reverser.

Given a regular expression, Revex can generate a string that will match it. Test Results^abc$ > abc : pass\\Aa > a : passz\\Z > z : passz\\z > z : passz\\z > z : pass\\G\\(a\\) > \\(a\\) : passab\\b > ab : passa\\Bb > ab : pass\\a > : pass[\\b] > : pass\\t > \\t : pass\\r > \\r : pass\\v > ♂ : pass\\f > \\f : pass\ > \ : pass\\e > � : pass\\141 > a : pass\\x61 > a : pass\\cC > ♥ : pass\\u0061 > a : pass\\\\ > \\\\ : pass[abc] > a : pass[^abc] > í : pass[a-z] > a : pass. > ² : pass\\w > z

Python-lattice - Python library to operate elements of a finite lattice

A finite lattice is an algebraic structure in which any two elements have a unique supremum and an infimum. More info at the wikipedia page. There is no limitation in the element class (supports unhashable types) and a Hasse diagram can be created. Comments of any kind are welcome. Usage and Example 1Given the power set of { x, y, z } partially ordered by inclusion. In this case, the join and meet operation is the union and intersection between sets, respectively. >>> powerset=[set(),set(['x']),

Pyseq - Python File Sequence Module

OverviewPySeq is a python module that finds groups of items that follow a naming convention containing a numerical sequence index (e.g. fileA.001.png, fileA.002.png, fileA.003.png...) and serializes them into a compressed sequence string representing the entire sequence (e.g. fileA.1-3.png). It should work regardless of where the numerical sequence index is embedded in the name. For examples, see basic usage below. Basic UsageUsing the "z1" file sequence example in the "tests" directory: % ls te

Totalparodyrebirth - Platform game for msx2

Requirements: a) Screen 5 (16 colors per pixel) b) Vertical/Horizontal fine scrolling (8 directions) c) Two layer parallax scrolling d) Animated background e) 50Hz frame rate f) SCC music g) PCM sound effects h) coded in z80 ASM and C

Omnima-stm32l-expander - Add-on board for MiniEMBWiFi to provide GPIOs, control Z-Wave, RFM70 2.4GHz

STM32L152 MCU based board Z-Wave ZM3102 module in controller or device mode 2.4GHz low-cost radio transmission module (Hope Electronics RFM70 module) 1-wire controller 1 opto-isolated input line 3 12bit A/D input lines 21 GPIOs I/O pinheader

Cmsxf2b - Integração do eZ Publish CMS com a cobrança F2b

Integração do meio de pagamento F2b (www.f2b.com.br) com a loja virtual do eZ Publish, possibilitando o registro de cobranças e verificação das mesmas na F2b via webservices.

J2memetronome - J2ME Metronome - A Powerful metronome to J2ME devices

Moved to GithubJ2ME Metronome at Github ENGLISH A Powerful metronome to J2ME devices. Notes version 2.0 For now we support only Sony Ericsson. Nokia devices have a bad perfomance with native synthesizer. Supported devices J2ME Metronome have three different versions: Midsized (128X160) Luxury (176X220) QVGA (240X320) J2ME Metronome Midsized Edition is avaliable to Sony Ericsson devices: Sony Ericsson F500i Sony Ericsson K310i Sony Ericsson K320i Sony Ericsson K320i Sony Ericsson K320i Sony Erics

Php-slugs - slugs generator

Makes slugs, changes diacritics letters to latin: zażółć gęślą jaźń => zazolc-gesla-jazn function my_str_split($string) { $slen=strlen($string); for($i=0; $i<$slen; $i++) { $sArray[$i]=$string{$i}; } return $sArray; } function noDiacritics($string) { //cyrylic transcription $cyrylicFrom = array('�', 'Б', 'В', 'Г', 'Д', 'Е', '�', 'Ж', 'З', 'И', 'Й', 'К', 'Л', 'М', '�', 'О', 'П', 'Р', 'С', 'Т', 'У', 'Ф', 'Х', 'Ц', 'Ч', 'Ш', 'Щ', 'Ъ', 'Ы', 'Ь', 'Э', 'Ю', 'Я

Fusion-lang - A powerful high level programming language that merges several feature from Ruby, Pyth

Fusion is a powerful high level programming language that merges several feature from Ruby, Python, Java, C++, Haskell, Pascal, Visual Basic, in a only language. It’s implemented by a compiler written in Haskell that transform Fusion code in Ruby code. It’s probable that in the near future the code will be compiled in various agile programming languages, like Python or PHP. However, at the moment we’re focusing the attention only on Ruby. Sample program written in FusionImplementations of

Coil - A powerful configuration language for Python

Coil: A Configuration LibraryIntroductionCoil is a configuration file format that is parsed into a tree of dict like Struct objects. The format supports inheritance, allowing complicated configurations to be as compact as possible. Text FormatCoil provides the concept of a struct - an ordered list of key/value pairs. Basic types are True, False, None, integers, floats, unicode strings and lists of basic types. Here we define a single struct: x: { anInt: 1 aFloat: 2.4 aString: "hello" andAList: [